Chi-Fi in the Time of Self-Righteous Indignation.

I have to say the timing of the folks over at eacoustics in impeccable.

So Kevin Deal at Upscale release his Video on Raven Audio giving us something to chew on in this forum and W. Jennings gives us this.



Last comment on this: Being civil is an ethical thing. Should not be politicized. Run the other way from anyone who justifies not being civil, regardless of political affiliation.  If you can't turn a cold shoulder for some reason, then defend yourself, in the interest of a more civil world perhaps.  The force will be with you.

Political correctness is not civility. It is a ploy to stifle dialogue, and a means to control thought. 

one way to frame the question might be "in a niche hobby, is it better to use terms that may offend/alienate some people who share that hobby, or find other terms?"

anyway it’s kind of funny to watch hifi become another front in the tedious and seemingly endless american culture wars. if chinese people are offended then everyone should stop using it. if they aren’t then who cares. either way the stakes are so incredibly low here, and some people appear committed to pretending they aren't. this thing is supposed to be fun, remember 😂