Chicago-area dealer recommendation

I hope everyone is well and using this time in isolation to enjoy our systems and music.  

This summer I will be moving to the Chicago area and down-sizing from my current home in Vegas to a smaller townhouse/condo.  

I anticipate that my beloved BHK 300 monos and Focal Kanta 3s and subs will be too large for my new space.  

Can anyone recommend Chicago-area dealer to help me transition to a more living space appropriate system of equal or better quality?

I probably will keep my BHK pre, Fidelizer Nimitra Signature server and Modwright/Oppo Sonica DAC, but would be open to other possibilities.  Thanks and stay safe. Daniel 

Didn’t know Audio Consultants closed. Oh well, looks like I missed some good sale...
Holm.Audio in Woodridge Illinois. I have had a good relationship with the owner Mike Holm. He and his staff are great.
You won't be disappointed.
Happy Listening
I live in Chicagoland and have dealt with many audio dealers in the area. While MusicDirect is very good if you actually go there and make a deal with one of the sales folks and or look over their scratch and dent and other stuff not listed on their website, you will be well served to check out Jamie Pauls at F1 Audio currently in the Chicago suburb of Palatine, but moving to a new store space in Vernon Hills. Other area dealer I can recommend is Albert Sportis  at Precision Audio Video in Chicago. I have not been to Quintessence in Morton Grove, but they are well regarded and carry very nice lines. Also if you are looking for First Watt (and maybe Pass Labs), there is a small dealer in Chicagoland as well. 
I am in Kansas City, the two channel audio wasteland of the central states. Many trips to Chicago to listen to different things. There are some great people and great companies there. Mick at Quintessence Audio is at the top of the list. He even brought on John from Audio Consultants, and I hear he’s a great addition.  Jamie at F1 Audio is another. Mike at Audio Archon shows from his home, but fills in the gap in brands that Mick and Jamie don’t have.