Chicago-area dealer recommendation

I hope everyone is well and using this time in isolation to enjoy our systems and music.  

This summer I will be moving to the Chicago area and down-sizing from my current home in Vegas to a smaller townhouse/condo.  

I anticipate that my beloved BHK 300 monos and Focal Kanta 3s and subs will be too large for my new space.  

Can anyone recommend Chicago-area dealer to help me transition to a more living space appropriate system of equal or better quality?

I probably will keep my BHK pre, Fidelizer Nimitra Signature server and Modwright/Oppo Sonica DAC, but would be open to other possibilities.  Thanks and stay safe. Daniel 

Decibel Audio in Chicago.  They are the best hands down.  Super fair trade in allowance and pricing.  
I cannot, I mean, CANNOT say enough good things about Musical Artisans. You will not get more professionalism from anyone but Ricardo who owns the dealership. He's brilliant, will give you no pushy tactics or BS, and carries the big boys like Nagra, CH Precision, Rockport, Kharma, and De Baer turntables (one of the best TT's there are). Kyomi Audio is also great, who carries The Gryphon, GamuT, Bergmann (another great turntable), and several other uber-high-end. I drive from Minneapolis just for these two stores and everything I own is from them. Next in line would be Quintessence, who recently revamped their brand lines. Smart move because I have very little respect for Synergistic Research. Both Kyomi and Quintessence also carry less expensive brands to round out their businesses, but Musical Artisans strictly caters to the elite audiophile.
I have dealt with Simply Stereo in Hoffman Estates.  Dave Skozz, formerly an employee and now the owner, has moved it to Palatine.  He is great, low key with good advice.
Made a connection with Jamie at F1 Audio. Knowledgeable and very personable and customer oriented. Thanks for all the recs. Stay safe all.