Chicks With Guitars

Their poppin out of the woodwork! I love them, many others here do to. It seems there are often side discussions on this topic in the "best of" threads but I don't recall a dedicated spot for these lovely ladies. Hope to pick up a few new artists to listen to and maybe offer up a few to y'all.

List your chick with guitar favorites here:

A few to kick it off....

Laura Marling
Martha Tilston
Emily Jane White
Sharon Van Etten
Marissa Nadler
Caroline Herring
Rachel Harrington
Sara Jaffe
Tyler, the Creator...ok, I just slipped that one in to see if anyone would notice...

I could go on and on but these are some good ones I thought would be a decent start.
A bunch of these chicks started out with just guitars and ended up, sadly to my ears, accompanied by larger ensembles and plugged into over-attenuated amplifiers.

Tracy Chapman
Joni (of course)
Lucinda Williams

Sara Jarosz (ok, she's a chick with a mandolin)
Michelle Shocked

Marty - right on! Dar is certainly a great songwriter. I did not get specific about shared tastes with Richard, so let me clear that up before he's out building an outbuilding with his power tools. There are quite a few that have been mentioned here that I'd recommend to you as amazing writers as well (and I'm a big fan of great lyrics). I am blown away that women of this age can be writing with such depth, intelligence and passion. Here are those I'd loudly echo in that light:

Sara Jaffe (check out Suburban Nature)
Laura Veirs (Triumphs and Travails of Orphan Mae)
Martha Tilston (Love her voice too - any of her stuff - reminds me of a young Joni Mitchell)
Emily Barker (I much prefer her first album, Despite the Snow)

Not quite as young, but writing with the depth of true experience in the darker aspects of our nature, and also a great songwriter, a big, bold second for Mary Gauthier.
And finally... Ellen McIllwaine!