child-free environment?

Quick poll: who here on Agon has kids under 10 years old in the house? And of those, who lets their kids listen to their audio system (supervised or unsupervised)? Anser "kids yes / no" and "listen yes / no / N/A"

Everyone selling gear on Agon tends to advertise that the gear was kept in a smoke-free, pet-free, and child-free. environment. I understand it's important to assure the buyer that the amp doesn't wreak of smoke, the speaker grilles haven't been used to sharpen cat claws, and the speaker cones aren't trashed by the exploring fingers of a toddler. But if it's about the music, rather than the equipment, then who wouldn't want to share it with those they love the most? And who wouldn't want to raise their kids to understand the value of good sound and a respect for precision equipment? But that's just my bias. My 4 year old twins love dancing to Gordon Goodwin and my 2 month old twins find Nina Simone's voice more soothing than mine. Looking forward to seeing some poll data!
Yes and yes. As a matter of fact, I specifically purchased a second system to encourage family use in the main room of our house, and it is an exposed tube amp, which is more complicated than my main system. Children are people and learn through respect. They know not to touch cones and tubes, and know how to adjust volume and insert a cd. Mine learned at the age of 3. Probably would need to be a bit older to have the motor skills for a turntable, but I won't have a problem when those skills develop. Great way to teach life skills and classical music. I am always in wonder at the number of people I see posting a downsizing because of new kids in the house. Send 'em to a Montessori preschool and watch them learn similar life skills.
child free usually means their little fingers haven't poked around pushing in speaker drivers, tossing tubes and brushing their little fingers across the tip of a cartridge.I can't really see them doing to much damage to a krell amp...unless they spill their pablum on top.
I dont have kids so No and No

Im 26 and youll notice my generation just isnt into it.
A big part is after researching audio history you have great names from the past like Fisher, Infinity, Etc. that made great gear and then sold out.

My generation came after the 80's (I dont believe there were more than a handful of good cars built in the 80's if that) And didnt really get that HIFI was real (Its all hype besides having 2 12's in your trunk and 1K watts)

My point being I have come to love music and audio all because my dad was really into HIFI and sadly his health dictated how many shows he could go to and I was raised with a love of music and an appreciation for live music. I remember him telling me when i was 8 that I was playing it loud enough to make my rural neighbors living 200+ yards away complain (LOL) great way to make a kid stop.

Anyway I will never forget that Conrad Johnson PV-11 on the mantle, speakers I dont remember but man i remember the joy of turning that dial and hearing it go up like it was yesterday as i jumped everywhere around and on the couch JUST ROCKING OUT LIKE NO OTHER to Pink Floyds Money and Paul Simons You can call me Al.

That brought such a smile to my face remembering that. These days HIFI is our main conversation piece which is similiar to the music we listen too. He went low power SET Amps for classical and jazz mostly (One day hell learn the awesomeness of the mighty zep) While I love Older rock, Hip-hop, Rap, Especially 90s rock like soundgarden and alice in chains. But I like everything except the lounge singer type stuff.

Case in point, What good is it if only your enjoying your system, If you work that hard your children should be able to share in your Joy AKA Audio Nirvana