Childproofing Speakers

I have a pair of Totem Hawks and a 8 month year old daughter who is now crawling and trying to use anything she can to help learn how to stand. Unfortunately, these are not the most stable speakers they are relatively light and have only three speaker spikes in a tripod like design.
Does anyone have any experience making these speakers more stable. I have been considering outriggers from Soundocity but this would only help protect from pushing left to right and not front to back. Also, I believe, but am not sure, that I would need to drill into the speaker base to use these outriggers.

If you have grills for your speakers, leave them on. It makes the speakers much less interesting, on top of protecting the drivers. As far as protecting the kid goes, the pen idea is nice, but you also have to consider that she might be able to get around it somehow. Kids are resourceful.

I'd either get speakers up on shelves or make the ones you have more stable, ie, add a larger base.
I remember when I brought some speakers over to my sisters house her five year old son walked right up to one of them and pushed the tweeter dome in (as I watched in shock).

needless to say I agree with Tonyangel

good luck!
Tbooe is right. Also, a couple of sandbags on the stands for a piece of mind. My older kid had an obsession with pushing in the dust caps. I didn't want to have to raise a kid with no fingers...
I definitely need to get some grills. I used to have rainmakers like philjolet I came home to find my niece had pushed in both dust caps. Marakanetz are you saying that you basically screwed the totems from the underside of the mdf? I was thinking of doing something similar with a 2" piece of granite. I was planning on removing the claws and using Blu tak to attach the speakers to the granite but I am not sure if the Blu tak will hold up to my daughter pushing on them
I also had configurable child plastic fence in front of my system that prevented my daughter from going anywhere near the components. Works well.