Chime in if you bought a second table that cost a fraction of your main table.

Let’s say this will be for those who have or had a main turntable setup in which the table and tonearm retail for $7K or more. You then went out and purchased a table/arm that retails for half (or less than half) of $7k. If this is your current or past scenario, what were your impressions. Please note: this is for someone who added the second table for the same setup, or a second system...not someone who simply downgraded. The reason for this thread is not to suggest that upgrades do not offer improvements... It’s geared more for the audio enthusiast who scratched and clawed to purchase what may be their last table. I thought it would be interesting to hear the thoughts of people who then added that lower cost table/arm, and their general experience with it coexisting with their higher priced table.


A new Technics DD (like the 1200 G) has often run through my head as a cool option. I like the removable headshell, and ease of changing carts that it allows. I have a spare headshell for my Kuzma 313, and it's so nice to have. It's definitely a safe card financially...already a good buy new, with great resale...Reading in to reviews, I don't think their sonic flavor would be for me, but it's worth an audition to make my own judgment. That last sentence refers to their more affordable tables, not the reference model. 

For my second TT I bought a Platine Verdier, but it was so bad - sounded like a wet blanket compared to my reference TT - I never used it. It ended up a white elephant.

Replaced it with a Garrard 301 ( that I rebuilt and modded ) with FR64S and although it isn't as good as my reference, it slaughtered the Verdier, its good enough for casual listening and playing around.

So if you already have a great deck - I would be weary of adding a second unless you need it - in my case 78's and farting around with different cartridges enables me to leave my reference alone.


Indeed my Kuzma Ref 2 brings a lot of enjoyment, and will not be bettered for the price range I'm shopping in. But that is around $14K retail wth the 313 VTA gimbal, so it wouldn't be a fair fight. My only real experience with DD was an audition of a Brinkmann Spyder and Bardo. The former is belt, and Bardo a Direct Drive. Same arm/cartridge, same time, same system. The Bardo did nothing wrong, but missed emotion...The Spyder was more relaxed, and I recall hearing the decay, and subtle spatial cues that the Bardo glossed over. Lew- as you mention, It is a slippery slope, but there's no turning back now (-: I have the Naim XS with built in phono, and the Harbeths with Trager stands all set up. I like this Naim with the Harbeth quite a bit...I prefer it to the Lux class A, and Croft I had previously. Here are a a few I think will be enjoyable...The Wand 4-14...I think this is a long shot, but it's such an interesting, well thought out table. New model of the Thorens TD 1500...I also think Well Tempered Amadeus tables tables sound great. But I've owned a few, and would not go back unless it had their Symetrex arm with cue lever. I'm retired from lifting tonearms. (-: I think the Dr Feickert Volare could also be a nice option. The ease of adjustability on the Kuzma arm has really spoiled me. That's what I could end up truly missing. 

The ease of adjustability on the Kuzma arm has really spoiled me. 


If you want set and forget the Rega P8/P10 are excellent, and ideal for second deck - their latest MC;s are quite good as well. They are plug and play.

The P10 can embarrass much more expensive decks.

I would prefer these to the DD's mentioned above, which I find grainy and lifeless.