China built tube amps

Well I had an interesting conversation today. I contacted a large dealer and let him know I would like to buy a certain integrated tube amplifier that is made in China. I was told he wouldn't sell me one. He said they are all junk.  Prima Luna, Line Magnetic, Cayin, etc, etc, he said forget it. If you want a tube amplifier buy an American or European built unit that can be serviced.

So, I am new to valve amplifiers and I want to try one to understand what they're all about and sort of get my feet wet with tube rolling etc. I don't want to spend a lot of money at first which is why I was looking at Chinese built integrateds. So my question is, without getting into any particular brand other than what I have already mentioned, what is your experience with Chinese built tube amps? As a whole are they reliable? Am I wasting my money if I buy one according to this dealer? I have to admit I was rather taken aback by how adamant he was. Thoughts anyone?



I could save some $$$ and buy a programmable remote but that’s not how I roll. Besides if I ever decide to sell the CDP I’ll need the OEM remote in working condition.


The open/close button on the remote still works so it’s not the sensor. The tech who’s going to fix it placed an order for multiple circuit boards for these remotes from LM so it’s a known problem. I thought I might be able to disassemble it and clean the circuit board & buttons. But the LM remotes don’t use carbon-coated rubber that is commonly used in other remotes. They have individual tact switches instead. I could have the tech send a circuit board to me but if I muck up the installation then I’m back to square one.

when I worked for Ducati Corse and HRC Castrol Honda.

…. you spannerin’ for Nicky?

I'm not touching the country of origin discussion, but am surprised to see the Crimson 275 being recommended as late as 1/14 despite the recent test results and under the hood photos. Do we secretly hate the original poster?

Falconcrest, do yourself a favor and pass on this unit. 



Those weren't legitimate factory made Carver 275s and you know it!  And I'll touch country of origin...made in the USA

Too many Xenophobic buyers on this thread. Don’t use your phone. It was likely built in China.