Chinese Cables that sound good

Please share your chinese cable purchases that sounded good, and even horror stories of cables that didn't work out.

People get lured into aliexpress and other sites when the see expensive looking cables that appear very similar to well-known audiophile high-priced units, but at a fraction of the cost.


There are lots of chinese cables to choose from:

- Power cables 

- USB cables (separating signal and data)

- Speaker cables

- Interconnects

- HDMI / IIS cables


I've tried a pair of Xansane silver plated copper, braided, speaker cables, to replace generic 12AWG copper that I was using.  The pair cost around $230 CAD.  It appeared to be made well.  However, I didn't notice any difference in the sound of my speakers.  2nd however, I also didn't take notes beforehand or do critical listening...I was just expecting to be blown away somehow but I wasn't.  I will be DIY'ing my future cables (power, interconnects, USB, and maybe speaker) using the DIY Helix cable information found on this site (link to thread).

But for now, I want to see what worked for other people.



I have worked in China for over twenty years, in the very contract manufacturing and logistics facilities that make stuff you own. Our sales are bringing millions of people out of poverty. As these companies prosper, wages go up and the standard of living increases. The net is fantastic for China and is. China does violate human rights in some places. So, it is appropriate to put pressure on them, but not indiscriminately. The vast majority live their lives like we do with minimum interaction with the government.


Amazon is one of them, yikes. 

Yes, I know. Walmart too. Both have run mom & pop business out. Both are very convenient to me. But I have decided to buy at other stores when possible


Lots of nautical channels all over the world was build at slavery era by slaves. Should we refuse goods shipped through those channels too !?

Oh C'mon! You can't change what HAS happened. But you CAN CHANGE what IS happening NOW. And this IS happening NOW. And many big mfgs are making a fortune off selling slave made products to the US citizens. And many of the US citizens will turn a blind eye to it because they like the cheap products  or audio cables or IPhone or some other trinket,.


Oh C’mon!

No reason to think about us, US citizens, like we are righteous aliens from another planet cause we build our country with forced labor and slavery too. Highest ideals and words hardly works when money talks. When society get richer humanism comes next.


You seem to be stuck on the past  and trying to justify or build upon the wrongs committed rather than the right. This country also fought a civil war to end the practice of slavery. Hundreds of thousands of people died. But instead of seeing the good, you want to persist in looking at the bad.

There are people in this world who DO stand for whats right rather than what they will get from an action. They aren't perfect but they try.  I'm sorry if you don't know anyone like that. And if you don't you should consider the fact that those people are looking at you as a commodity also.

If I have misunderstood your position please clarify



There are people in this world who DO stand for whats right rather than what they will get from an action.

The problem here is bigger than you think and i don’t advocate for people in this world who DO stand for whats wrong. They are wrong but only by our moral principles and at the same time they think that they are right and we’re wrong. We need to educate them rather then sanction or boycott them. Economic measures or confines  won’t  work cause economical-vice they getting proofs that they are right from year to year more and more.