Choice between Wilson Audio Alexx or the Alexia V

Looking to possibly upgrade my speakers once again and I have a choice between an older Wilson Audio Alexx speaker (approximately 3 years old) in fantastic shape or the new Alexia V model. Both would be priced about the same. I am interested in receiving feedback from anyone who has had the listening experience comparing both speakers. My listening room can fit either speaker.

I would certainly appreciate a better understanding of the sound signatures between these two models.

Thank you 


Between the two, I would go for the Alexx, despite its age.
I find it more complete top to bottom, fast without the small, euphonic, lower mid-range coloration of the Alexia V.

Mind you, it is probably much more difficult to set-up perfectly. Additionally, I listen to (and judge by) classical music -- which means acoustics instruments and many of them.

Presumably you have the amplification to drive these. When I auditioned they were driven by Soulution amps


Hello Gregm,

Thank you so much for your response.

I do understand your comment about the Alexia V having a bit of warm coloration in the bottom end.

My current amplification is a Mcintosh MC302 300 watt per channel amp with a Mcintosh C50 Preamp. I do hope that although they are not considered high end power equipment like the Solution amps that they will still allow the Alexx speakers to perform well. I do also utilize dual Rel SX212 subs in my current system.

My digital source is a DCS Rossini Apex Player.

This is a tuff call. The latest technology that is in the Alexia V will be amazingly transparent giving such a since the realism . However the Alexx will have more scale but way more difficult to drive, not sure the Mac would be able to really handle it. So if you add subs to the Alexia V  I think you may have something that would surpass the Alexx. I own the Alexx V now. I went to purchase the the Alexx and when I got to my dealer he had the Alexx and the Alexx V side by side. The V technology advanced the speaker so much that I could no longer buy the Alexx. New tweeter, new caps and the V material . The Alexia V has similar technology as the Alexx V. I’d expect it would depend on the size of your room as well. What is your room size?