Choice of amplifier

I have a pair of Triangle Celius speakers, and I would like to upgrade my amplifier (currently Mcintosh MA6450). Here are the finalists:

- Mark Levinson integrated 383
- Combination McCormack DNA225 and RDL-1
- Combination Mcintosh MC2200 and MC 275 IV

Which one do you think is the best fit? Thanks
The Mcintosh combo, but forget the c2200 and mk4 275. Just get the 2275 integrated and with the money you save buy a nice quad of genalex output tubes. Ive heard the 383 but not the Mcormack set you've mentioned. With the performance the MA2275 gives you I dont see spending 3000 more for seperates and interconnets worth pursuing.
I was extremely impressed with the MA2275 as well and it would get my vote. So far, I have only heard it at the dealers but I want to try one in my system soon. It seems to do everything right. And it will love your speakers - it'll be an awesome match up.

I too would recommend the MAC. I think you will find the Levinson & McCormack gear to sound excessively bright with the Triangles.