Choices narrowed Rogue RP-1 and Primaluna Prologue Premium Preamps

I'm leaning toward the Primaluna which is $500 more. Both have easy dealer return.

The PL looks to be more of a "lifetime" preamp, heavy build, tubes outside chassis. The RP-1 includes a phono section (I do not need) which leads me to believe corners may have been cut to keep price point. 

Both get great reviews....but my gut says PL. The Prologue is 97% of the higher end dialogue model from what I have been told.

My amp ( at 51K input impedance, which is meets the recommended minimum of 28k (Stereophile review).

I am eventually going to replace my amp (I purchased as a temporary replacement and later use in a bedroom system). However, the amp has such an enjoyable sound, I decided to upgrade my preamp first. I am having some noise issues with my Peachtree Nova Pre. 

Anyone else compare the two? Stereophile did and the PL sounds like what I am looking for. I know actually hearing is the ultimate test.

I'm currently running an RP-1 into Rogue M-180 monoblocks.  I'm also familiar with the PL sound and had a Dialogue integrated briefly, which I really enjoyed. 

I wouldn't hesitate at all about the RP-1, build-wise - in real life it looks and feels expensive, and feels plenty substantial for its size.  The remote, etc. operate well. 

Re: the Schiit, good question. I know they're super competitive in the DAC space (I own a Gungnir MB) But for tube preamps? If someone wants to loan me their Freya I'd be glad to report back. 

The pro reviews say it best, but I'll chime in that the RP-1 is notably spacious and detailed, with very resolved bass... the music is resolved in a way that I hadn't heard from several other well reviewed tube pres that ranged up to about $4k.  Granted, something like a passive LDR can easily beat it in terms of resolution, but the RP-1 (to me) is more nuanced in the midrange and more musical and involving overall. 

However, my .02 is the RP-1 is so neutral it kind of needs a system already tonally balanced to one's liking - whereas (for example) the PL would be richer, more textured/organic.  Going up the chain with the other Rogue pres (as suggested in this thread) might be worth a look too, and the resale is usually relatively easy given Rogue's reputation. 

Hope it helps.

Thanks for the feedback. Are you using stock tubes in the RP-1? I actually would not mind a more textured sound presentation
I went with Prologue Premium pre-amp and Prologue Premium mono-amps from local dealer after first try from Upscale Audio. Well worth the wait. Tube- rectified was attractive feature.
@aberyclark  I am using the stock JJ tubes in the RP-1. I did try some Psvanes and Raytheons. They did bring the mids a little forward, but out of those at least the JJ's seemed like the overall best fit for the RP-1.