Choosing between Cornwall IV, Trio15 or X4 Ultra

I'm currently listening to Schiit Frey+ - PrimaLuna Evo300 poweramp - Sonus Faber Sonetto III each with a REL T7i. Sources are Ultrarendu - Schiit Gungnir and SOTA Comet III - Pro-Ject Tube Box. 

The room is 28'X33' with ceilings that start at one side wall 15' and slant up to 26'.  The room is divided in half by a 4' wooden cabinet that splits the room in half like a mini wall.  It's split level by 18".  So my "actual" listening area is 16'X28' but open to the entire room.  Speakers are on the 16' wall.

I'm looking for a sound with more body and visceral impact.  My current setup has impressive soundstage, detail, and imaging, very holographic.  With jazz/instrumental it really shines.  If I had to keep it as is I would be happy.  I listen primarily at night with low volumes.  At low volumes, the soundstage of course collapses and does not bring me joy.  Even during loud listening, it is lacking a je ne sais quoi.  

So I am thinking of changing out the speakers with Klipsch Cornwall IV, Pure Audio Project Trio15, or Spatial Audio Lab X4 Ultra.  I've heard the Cornwalls and was impressed.  I don't think going to "demo" the other speakers would really give me a realistic idea of what they would sound like in my home so I think I'll just order and ship them back if hate them.  

Thoughts?  My budget is $5K - 10K.  





Last question to OP: Do you use OCC wire (speaker and IC)?

I won't use anything but...

I’m using some custom made bi-wire speaker cables made from Mogami W3104.  Interconnected with audioquest cinnamons. 

I have an open floor plan similar to yours, own the PL Evo 300 poweram,p and also listen primarily to jazz at lower volumes at night. I've owned the Spatial Audio M3 TS which was open baffle but lacked the powered "subs" of the X line. Honestly, based on what I've read, I don't think the subs in the X line will do much for bass in your home. Same for the Trio unless you plan to keep multiple subs in the system.  Although I do feel the Trio is the nicest PAP speaker in their lineup.

The M3s turned me onto concentric designs, which led me to what I consider to be the British Cornwall...the Tannoy Legacy Arden. It's roughly the same size as the Cornwall and within your budget. They offer a great, full sound at lower volume and a well defined sound stage, and play well with long wall placement.  About the only thing I can ding them on is a narrow sweet spot due to the point source nature of the design.

I have a space similar to yours, and have CW4’s.  I listen at low volume levels most of the time and really like the Cornwalls.  I like the Volti’s as well.  Guess you pays your money and makes your choice.  Audio Note E’s would also be excellent in your room.