Choosing tube power amp

I’m trying to decide between a pair of Carver 350 or a pair of PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP. The prima is a ultralinear which, apparently carver hates (but I still fondly remember my Phase Linear 400). I'm more interested in sound and build qualities rather than sheer power. Any advise would be gratefully accepted.

Primaluna Dialogue owner running KT-88's, couldn't be happier. I went through Musical Fidelity and Naim before settling on Primaluna.  In hindsight I should have stretched a little more to get to the HP. On the other hand tube rolling power tubes on the HP could get expensive.  
I'm very happy where I am.  
Original Prima Luna Prologue Owner (PL2 integrated and PL5 power amps) for the last 13 years with zero problems.  Plenty of tube rolling options.  I flirt with upgrading up the PL line, but these amps just keep plugging along, so no reason why.