Chord cables Epic and Anthem 2 models

Has anybody heard these cables? Can someone describe their sound? A retailer recommended these to match with my Ayre équipment with JM Lab Utopia Diva BE speakers.

The recommended interconnect are Chord Anthem 2
The recommended speaker cables are Chord Epic

Thank you for your input.

I am loking for a nice balanced sound for easy listening, not too analytic or hyper-detailled.
I'm looking for the same info., except I'm running Naim electronics with Von Schweikert speakers. Has anybody out there compared NAC A5 Naim cable to the Chord Epic or any other speaker cable favorably or un-favorably?
I just had audition the Anthem2 yesterday evening and it is confirmed with superior timber and solid music threads than the coincident IC I'm using now.

My setup is just the YBA DT and Jamlab 905 Speakers,with the Audiomeca CDP
I have used the original Anthem interconnect rca and found it to be surprisingly good for its price. Other cables have come and gone since and I am now using Merlin Scorpion. I have kept the Anthems as part of nostalgia really though as a reserve as it seems a shame to sell them. They do not influence the sound unduly and are quite musical and detailed.
No idea about version 2 though.
The Epic speaker cable co-incidentally  was my favourite cable for quite some time, very strong on "presence" and clarity. I moved on to the Signature which to me was the same but better. I then moved on to Stealth and then Audioquest Wildwood, keeping the Epic for sentimental reasons and to maybe try in a third system costing a bit less.