Chord Cutest or Wadia 321

Has anyone here had a chance or spent some time with either of these DACs? I currently have the Chord Cutest and have the opportunity to trade for the Wadia 321 which I haven’t heard. The Wadia is an older DAC released in 2014 vs the Chord which I believe was released 2018. The Wadia does not support DSD. However, most of what I listen to is 24/192 or lower. I’m curious if the older Wadia might out perform the new Chord. Or, should I stick with the Chord? I am currently using Magnepan LRS Plus or Martin Logan CLS depending on the mood. Thank you for any input or advice.

I am using a Ifi Zen Stream to the Chord DAC using a Audioquest Diamond USB. 


Thank you for the advice. Do you feel the DAC will sound poorly, or is it more of a concern of getting the DAC repaired if it has an issue? 

I'm using the Qutest with the M-Scaler.  If you want to expand your system look into a Chord M-Scaler new or used it is fantastic and allows you to upscale to 705.6 and 768khz and native DSD512 using dual BNC cables (supplied with the M-Scaler).  Then get a Lumin U2 or U2 mini and you'll be set for a long time.  Happy listening.