Chord Qutest


I just bought a Chord Qutest and have been playing for 2 days.

I’m finding it is very hard and sibilant
I have it on the orange/red filter that helps
I’m using the supplied cabling

Are the Chords sensitive to cabling or can this this be a break-in thing?

I’ve compared it to my Meridian Explorer2 & Playback Designs Merlot “ loaner” and it IS very hard sounding 

I agree with ricred1.  I have a Chord Dave and found that it is very sensitive to power cords.
I'm interested in the Qutest too. I don't quite understand the discussion of power cables. I thought it had a micro USB power supply. There has been discussion of using upgraded power supplies, but the company is emphatic, that they will not help performance. Has the performance improved with time running in Jeff?
1) Qutest runs on wall wart
.    No power cables
2) It appears there is minor breakin...
    It still sounds very forward and extremely detailed, but

When running Tidal as only app , the Qutest is running native 44/16
It is very forward and incisively detailed, very good bass & superb soundstage
It makes the really well recorded stuff sound superlative
It makes the 80's rock that is compressed sound "ouch incisively bright" and forward
The orange or red filter takes a bit of transient edge off and still sounds natural
It makes the great recordings much better, but the poor recording much worse.

I have had a recent revelation, as I purchased Roon and all its up sampling , filters and DSP

When running DSD128 up sampling & Smooth-linear filter the Qutest is very, very smooth and more rounded like SACD with all the details
The difference between up sampled Pcm & DSD is super apparent
Pcm is way more incisive and detail oriented
where the DSD is smoother, detailed and not as forward and all the crappy stuff sounds really good

Sorry for the confusing description, but it appears to be a tale of 2 sound profiles when using up sampling 

Anyway, I've listened to 4 Dac's in my system

Playback Designs Merlot DSD ( my top choice) Really nice bass & as close to analog as I've heard
Chord Qutest ( when running DSD,close to merlot)
Exogal Comet ( 2nd choice)
Meridian Explorer2.  Warm and nice ,but short on details

If You are running a highly resolving speaker the Qutest might be to much , when running PCM.

I have a definite taste bias towards DSD .
I'm keeping it running DSD , but if I could run only pcm, I'd send it back

So, Take my opinion with grain of salt 


My take on the earlier QuteEX model is that the presentation was forward. In fact, that's why I sold it; I like a mid-hall experience for classical music.
  But, I must say music sounded so smooth and natural.

Doesn't the blue light and red light/filter change automatically depending on sampling rate? Or can you change it manually?