Chose speakers for a Leben 300cxs system

Remember this is the lower powered (18w se) Leben integrated amp. The speakers I would chose would be Coincident Technologies Total Victory V or the Prue Reference after a home demo in my room. I have avery large room 50"x 26" and I think the prue reference wins. What would be your choice in you room?

Dream Leben system
WaveSteam Phono pre-Amp rather than a Leben phono and step up
Coincident Speakers: Total Victory or Prue Reference
TW Raven AC 3, DaVinci Grand Credenza 12"Arm and Cartridge
2nd Arm Thale with Koetsu Coralstone Mono
Esoteric transport
Esoteric dac
Esoteric clock
Berkeley dac
Oppo 93se just in video is used
Stealth Indra ICs
Power Components undecided given size and interactions of components
Stealth Dream Speaker Cables
I'm sure those are wonderful speakers, I would also consider speakers from Horning and Tonian
I have Devore and LOVE them. My CS300XS and Devore the Nines make magic happen. However my room is a little bigger than half the size of yours.

Call John and ask him his opinion (or one of his dealers).

If not a good fit, the other idea I have for you is something out there but cool. Get an old set of Altec's, Like Voice of the Theatre or Valencia 846A.
I think the Coincident speakers, such as the Total Victory V's and the Pure Reference and Pure Reference Extreme's, are the best speakers available at their price points. Heck, they are the best available at way over their price points.

These speakers will tell you all about your source components. If your source components are capable of revealing micro-details and your amplification capable of delivering them, then these Coincident speakers will let you hear them in whatever purity your components are capable of delivering.

The Coincident speakers are almost never the limiting factor. Your room and your electronics will be the limiting factor with most Coincident speakers.