Chris Botti - Night Sessions

Category: Music

Another splendid album by Chris Botti. One of the few players of trumpet that can move one so deeply. Was able to see Chris in person at last years Winter Park Jazz Festival in Colorado. Chris was the only one of the artist to stay after the performance to sign autographs and talk jazz with the fans. It was hot as hell that day and he was really tired,but stayed until all fans got an autograph and a few words with him. Something Russ Freeman and Lee Ritnour did not do. Just did not have time for the fans.

That act of staying after the show puts Chris very high on my list of favorite artists, that I would pay money to see again.

If you are not famailiar with his work pick a copy of "The very Best of Chris Botti" you will not be disappointed. He puts on a stellar live peformance not to be missed.
entertainment journals some day said that he was one of the madonna's favourites not only with his trumpet...
I too enjoy Chris a lot, but of the three discs of his I have, I prefer the other two over Night Sessions.
Finally got a hold of this CD.
Overall, nice music with a decent variety of tunes. The female singer needs to go! Relaxing. Innovative but not very deep material, sometimes even feels a bit "sissy"!
I like it all-the-same. I wouldn't say that it moves me. Definitely modern Jazz.
I like his "Midnight w/o You" album too.
This past week 10/15/03 was able to see Chris in concert again. The performance was Dave Koz and Friends. If this show comes to your area don't miss it. Along with Dave Koz,Chris Botti, the others are Jeff Lorber and Marc Antoine. If you love jazz with some of todays truly heavyweights performing this is not to be missed. A solid 2 hours of music you will not forget. All 4 of these artist put on one stellar performance after another. Chris played several cuts from his new disc "A Thousand Kisses Deep". Don't miss this album from Chris a true vision of his artistry. Plus these guys stayed behind to chat with fans and sign autographs, damn rare these days when artist such as these do this. This gesture was more than welcomed by me and others. Just have to get some Marc Antoine CDs or vinyl. Seeing him in person was a fabulous experience.Have a lot of Jeff Lorber material which I play very often. But a major league treat to see in person. Dave Koz was his usual flamboyant self.

Make no mistake see this show if it comes to your area. Give Chris Botti album "A Thousand Kisses Deep" a try, he has once again shown his artistry for all to enjoy.