Cincinnati, OH, any audiophiles?

Any Cincinnati, OH -based audiophiles on this forum? I have found only one truly high end dealer here, and they are leaning more and more towards high end home theater so they tend to be quite busye, and no longer set up truly "reference" systems one can listen to for calibration. Would love to get into touch with other fellow maniacs in the area Hard to know what else you "need" unless you can hear it and covet it in someone else's set up!
Up here in Cleveland, most of the dealers are home theater oriented, as well. If you're up for a couple-hour drive, try Progressive Audio in Columbus. They carry a ton of two-channel stuff.
Hi Alexc, my name is Tom and I am one of those hard to find Cincinnati audiophiles. Nice to hear that someone else in Cincinnati is into the Hi-End. If you want to get in touch with me on line to chat, you can reach me at If you want a good Hi Fi dealer, make the trip to Columbus to Progressive Audio. That is where I get my goodies. They are great to deal with.
I'm from the Cincinnati area, now in Indy. It's disheartening that the 'classic' (if you will) hifi shops are giving way to those that emphasize home theatre (and higher profits I presume). One long time dealer here in Indy went out of business last year. If you're talking about Audible Elegance in Montgomery, they were never really accessible nor accomodating to me back in the 'lean years,' so I never went back when I had more scratch. Anyway, there is a pretty good hifi dealer here (Wadia, Pass, BAT, VAC, to name a few) called Synergistic Sound, Synersound on Audiogon as they have sales and occasional auctions on the site. I have no vested interest in giving them a plug other than to help preserve the traditional 'bricks and mortar' hifi shop.