citation 16 system

I just got a Citation 16 power amp, and would like to eventually get some electrostat speakers. I listen primarily to vinyl on a micro-seki table with goldring cartridge and cds/mp3s of the sort: funkadelic, bootsy collins, red hot chili peppers, sun ra, vincent gallo, african funk, chet baker, john coltrane.

What would be some good criteria to use to judge what sort of preamp I should use with the citation 16? People talk about pairing, and all that, and to be honest I don't know what that means. I would like to.

Any direction would help. As of now I just have trial and error.
Perhaps a vintage Citation 11 preamp would be the natural pairing. I have a friend who was getting rid of one several months ago, because one channel was not working right. He might even still have it. He always used it with the Citation 16 amp, which I think he was also getting rid of.