CJ Premier 12's and Silverline Sonata's??

I am currently runnning CJ Premier 12 monos with Thiel 2.3's and have been considering replacing them with Silverline Sonata II's.I like the Silverline's cause they are a very efficient speaker and because I am running tube amps.I also know that my Thiels are a much harder load to drive.Although they sound fine,I believe that they would benefit from more power.I do not want to part with my amps because I really like what they do to the music.My question is....does anybody have this combo and how does it sound and is my thinking right on the efficiency thing.Thanks
I have Sonata's and have used them with the bat500 and vtl300's. I prefer the sound with the Vtl's. I luv the speakers but they are on the lean side.
I'm running the Sonata II's with BAT vk60 mono's. Not lean at all! Compared to various other speakers I've used with them I'd describe the sound as "full range." Even when guitar music is played, the whole speaker gets involved to give a full lush sound.
I have Thiel 2.3's and I love them with my Pass Labs x-150 and x-2 pre-amp. The Pass stuff gives you alot of tube quality w/o having tubes.