Clarinet Music on vinyl or CDs

I got back into playing clarinet again after a long break. I try to practice when I have free time(unfortunately not that much).

Of course with this I have renewed my interest in clarinet music as well.

Trying to buy some clarinet recordings and discover the selection especially at the stores, is pretty poor.

So far I purchased:
Mozart Clarinet Concerto in A, K622 and Clarinet Quintet in A, K581 with Stoltzman;

French Works for Clarinet and piano(Saint-Saens, Devienne, Milhaud and Poulenc Sonatas) with Sabine Meyer,

The Essential Clarinet(Stravinsky Ebony Concerto, Corigliano Clarinet Concerto, Copland Clarinet Concerto) with Stoltzman.

I like Sabine Meyer's sound better than most of the Stoltzman's stuff(too much vibrato in his playing). Also, I highly recommend this cd I mentioned above. It is excellent as far as music and her playing is outstanding.

What would you recommend as good clarinet recordings? Vinyl or CD.

Looking for interesting suggestions to buy more music.

Chamber, solo, anything that may grab my attention.

As far as classical, I listen to anything from Mozart to Shostakovich.

Thanks in advance!
Mogelsvs, as a matter of fact a friend of mine ust bought this disc with Meyer playing the Weber concerto(there are 2 concertos plus a quintet I think), and it is great. I may get that too. Thanks for the recommendation.
Rushton, thanks!

Schoenberg, ha? He's usually very interesting and I didn't know he wrote for clarinet.
As a clarinetist myself I urge you to check out a creative soul from Italy, Gianluigi Trovesi.

Trovesi is trained classically but breaks jazz boundaries. His entire repertoire is excellent. For intriguing music and superb sound I unhesitantly recommend my favorite, a CD called Round About a Midsummer's Dream, on the Enja label. It has fine music & musicians, including the superb Renaud Garcia-Fons on bass.
You didn't indicate an interest in jazz, but should that interest you Ken Peplowski and his quartet have a bunch of recordings of laid back jazz on Concord Jazz. A couple that I enjoy are "It's a Lonsome Old Town" and includes Charlie Byrd, Marian McPartland, and Tom Harrell, and "The Natural Touch". There are quite a few others if his music stimulates an interest. Very good recording quality, BTW.