Clarisys Minuet Speakers

The Clarisys Minute Speaker.

I always have been interested in Planar/Ribbon/ Electrostatic speakers. I heard Magnepan many years ago and I was impressed. It sounded like the instruments were coming out of the center of the speaker. But years later I listened to the 20.7 and the 3.7i and I dunno, this time they didn’t sound as good as I remembered. I think the salesman was using a Rouge amp that he installed KT-150 tubes, and it just wasn’t a good match.

I have also heard Martin Logan and again I liked the sound. It seemed the larger models appealed to me. And I was close to buying a set.

Somewhere down the line I got into tube amps and the Magnepan, and Martin Logans models probably would have not worked well. So, I went down the road with several different dynamic speakers. My final speaker was the Focal Sopra 2’s and with my 4-JL Audio F-113 subs they satisfied me for several years. But I still had this desire for the flat panel speakers.

Then I read several reviews about the Clarisys Minute speakers. Not only did they get rave reviews, but they claimed could be used with tube amps. Now my present tube mono blocks put out 400 watts per channel, so they could work?

Man, these speakers have been a hassle. First, they are imported into the US from Vietnam, I had reservations about this since I was at draft age during that conflict. I escaped the draft with a high draft number.

There is only one US dealer and to be honest it was somewhat of a hassle. Forget the fact that to me these speakers are quite pricey, I wanted to hear them first. There was a long wait time, 4+ months to even get another set into the US. I live in Michigan and the dealer is in Florida and I have some health issues that prevent me from being on long plane trips. So, when the pair I was to get finally arrived in the states (but unpaid for) went to a reviewer, I was disappointed. I guess I can’t blame the dealer because I was so wishy-washy.

After reading more raving reviews I was really anxious. The next pair to arrive in the US was now next year. So, I asked the dealer that when the reviewer was done with the speakers could I buy that pair? By the way, the reviewer raved about the speakers in Positive Feedback.

I made my deal with my Focal trade in and waited for the speakers. The speakers were coming from California and just as they were shipped an 85-year storm event went right through the County where the speakers were on the truck. Then once they were near Michigan, again, another storm event occurred. Many difficult sleeping nights!

Finally, the speakers arrived! Now I am 70 and I was not expecting the speakers to be so heavy and so awkward. First problem was the truck company arrived with a 53’ trailer and the dispatcher said they would only deliver to the curb. I live in the country 500 feet from the road with a gravel driveway. I was not sure how I was going to maneuver them into my garage! But the driver was cool and did back up to the garage and brought them down with a liftgate and helped unstack them. I gave him a tip, but he was reluctant to take it. Great guy!

I volunteered my son-law to help me take them in the house and down the basement stairs. Another problem not only were the speakers in flight cases weighing 250+lbs. each but they were too wide to get through the basement door. So, we had to carry them on an angle down the stairs. Then once in the audio room they had to be placed upside down on their heads so the bases could be installed. Whew!

I noticed that one of my mono blocks amps had 2 tubes that were installed correctly. I put them in the proper way and fired up the amps. First sign…the amp needle was pegging! Huh! Evidently the bias needed to be reset based on the tubes new (proper) orientation. So, with that resolved I did notice that I needed to turn up the volume from my usual setting of 64 to now 70. So, they are not as efficient as my Focal’s but still was really no problem.

Finally, ready to go. No wait, these don’t sound right. I had to remove my 8 feet tall stacks of ASC bass traps from the front corners. They were absorbing too much!

My speaker cables are 3 feet long, thick and stiff. This made it awkward to move around the speakers to dial them in. I decided to get some old extension cords and cut them to 6-foot lengths, and I installed some banana plugs. Now, for the next couple of days (with furniture mover discs under the speakers) I moved them back and forth, sideways etc. while taking notes.

As I write this, finally, I can say I think I have them dialed in. In addition, I did find my Stillpoints Aperture panels placed behind the speakers on the “Head Wall” was a plus with spreading out the image.

After all of this I am finally happy. Would I do this again? No way!


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Heard them at Axpona this year and sounded wonderful but only when played LOUD. I asked several times to play at "normal" vol but they would never turn down the vol. Would be interested to hear your honest thoughts regarding this.

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The Clarisys Minuet Sound Quality:

Looking at some of the Clarisys reviewer’s rooms and the Axpona Show Rooms that they were placed in all seemed pretty small compared to mine. My audio room is approx. 17’ X 25’ X 8’ heavily insulated walls with 5/8” drywall over all surfaces, along with carpeted concrete floors.

While waiting for these speakers I disassembled my amps, cables and my Focal speakers for about 2+ weeks! Without any music, I began humming to myself. LOL. My wife and dog thought I was losing it… After what I have gone through, I just might be!

Once they were installed, they seemed to go through a break in. Even though the reviewer had them for several months! They should be broken in, right? But each day they seemed to take on a little more dynamics and loudness. The frequency extremes seem to be shifting daily.

The first day they sounded slightly muffled, then a few days later too bright. It may be because the equipment and the speakers were not used for some time. Or, the ribbon panels are readjusting? I guess the ribbons could have become constricted doing the moving adventure and are now relaxing. I know it sounds strange, but I heard it.


First listen, there seems to be quite a bit more of left/right channel information, more so than I was used to. There is also a very wide-open soundstage. No need to position your head just right so you don’t lose the soundstage. It is quite immersive.

The bass is ok, not transformative like the reviewers have commented, but also not over whelming. I guess I could be happy with them without subs. But I still will use my (4) JL- Audio F-113 subs for the low bass information. Right now, I am having an issue with choosing the right bass frequency and loudness. For now, I have the subs set at 45hz and at a much lower volume setting than with the Focal’s. I think it is because the Clarisiys speakers do produce deeper bass than the Focal’s so there is perhaps more frequency overlap. Go figure…

The midrange seems natural, and the treble is extended, but it is different than my Focal speakers. The Minuet’s seem to be a warmer sound than the Focal’s. Kind of surprising to me, I was expecting planer/ribbon/dipole speakers to be more upper end detailed. In comparison, the Focal’s speakers use Beryllium tweeters and to my old ears the Focal’s seemed to have more upper detail, but I think the Clarisys is probably more accurate.

The biggest change from the Focal Sopra 2’s to the Clarisys speakers is in the depth of the soundstage. With the new speakers, it is now possible to hear way back into the soundstage. Moving the speakers in or out changes that depth, but it also affects bass, and the center image. So, placement is the word. And, when you stand up the sound level is greatly diminished, very strange. So, this won’t be a party speaker.

Acoustic Treatment:

The dealer insisted that there should be no acoustic treatment behind or near these speakers which uses the back wall as reflection. Now, I have quite a bit invested in ASC Bass/Tube traps and I also have 7 of the Stillpoints Aperture ll panels. With the Focal’s I had the ASC traps in the corners and turned/dialed in so that the center image was aiming right into my head. The Stillpoints were at first and 2nd reflection points along with a set between the speakers and there is also one behind my seating position. I consulted with ASC and Stillpoint and both reps advised that their products work well with dipole type speakers. So, who is right?

Well to my ears and equipment, I have found, (thus far) that the ASC tube traps used with the Clarisys Minuet panels did indeed restrict the liveliness of the music. However, turning them did change the image. For now, they have been banished to storage. I may revisit them later.

The Stillpoint ll’s however, was a winner. They are said to provide absorption, reflection and diffusion in the panel. I placed a couple behind the Minute’s on a chair and liked the way they performed. The sound became much more dynamic and spread out. Center image also improved. So, I installed a pair behind each speaker on the “Head Wall” and kept the set between the speakers and the one behind me. (Check out my systems page). No sidewall treatment is necessary.

With the Clarisys Minute speakers although the sound quality is different than the Focal’s, I have as much bass, mid and treble as before, but with added depth, soundstage and as I mentioned the extreme left/right information. However, better recordings now sound a lot better and poorer one’s not so good. I prefer Classic Rock so this may be an issue.

There also seems to be quite a variance between softer or louder recordings on Qobuz, more so than before. Example: The Doors 50th Anniversary remasters, these recordings seem to be very low and need to have the volume increased more while listening.


As I was about to post this review, I decided to go completely au natural and removed all of the Stillpoint Apertures and turned off the subs. Now, I don’t know if it was the speakers, room, or my brain but suddenly the whole sound as I remembered changed. First off, it seemed to take about 20-30 minutes for the speakers to “charge”. By charge I mean they seemed dull at first and then later became quite listenable. This may have also been the case with my tube amps needing to warm up, but I just never noticed it as much with the Focal’s. The bass without the subs was quite satisfying, so that is an area that I will need to pay special attention to, so I don’t add too much bass overlap when adding them back.

And, as has been requested, raising/lowering the volume does not change the sound quality. So, play them soft or loud they will perform the same!


Awesome review Ozzy. I heard these at AXPONA and was blown away. Thanks for posting your first impressions. I look forward to hearing about them more as you continue to break them in. That was quite an adventure to get them to you! 

- Steve

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To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure if the Clarisys Minutes were the best speakers for me after enjoying the Focal’ 2’s for all those years. I started and deleted quite a few posts. I just couldn’t get the treble right. It always sounded either too weak or too aggressive.

So, after many hours of moving these speakers to find the right placement in my room, I think I have it!

The dealer said they should sound the best between 4-5 feet from the front wall. Well, the best spot in my room is about 5.5 feet from the front wall and about 20" from the sidewalls. That last measurement goes against my way of thinking, but it works! I may even try to pull them out further into the room.

The sound now explodes! I don’t even have my subs on, and the bass is amazing! Soundstage and depth is fantastic! They are sure different to set up than dynamic type speakers.


@ozzy  I have my apogee duetta 2's just over 82" from the front wall and 18" from the side walls, this seems to sound best.


Wow, mine at this point are 68" from the front wall. I may still pull them out further. I am surprised at how close to the sidewalls they need to be, but they still have a pretty good center image.

Do you have any front reflection/diffusion behind the speakers? Or any toe-in?


Man, I am changing my opinion daily.

To Stillpoint Aperture’s or not? Thus far the Apertures center placement seems to be good, behind the speakers not so good. But this seems to be different with different music. So still experimenting. They are kinda of PITA to install and remove from the wall.

BTW, I now have a very slight toe-in (about a 1/2"), I think I have the distance (sidewall, front wall) dialed in.

I could sure use some help in the preferred set up with Planar speakers. Anyone have any suggestions or website suggestion? Rear diffusion or reflection or keep bare? What to use?

Now where is my drink?...


Very good information. Thanks for all the details. Hopefully once you get everything dialed in you will do another posting.

So, the never-ending saga continues. I just sold all of my Stillpoint Apertures (7 of them!). So no more absorbent type panels in the room. I guess the dealer was right. I have also moved the speakers in towards the front wall. I now have the speakers 60" from the front wall. And NO-Toe-In.

Next, I think I will experiment with some type of diffusor behind the speakers. There is also a tweak that I used with my Focal Sopra 2’s that I have incorporated into the new set up. It is quite remarkable. I dare to mention it, it is not for the non-believers...


Hello @ozzy 

Those are some nice speakers you have Sir. 
Just as you get your system sounding very very good you go and change it. Good for you.

 I’m a bit confused. Are you saying you no longer have any acoustical device in your room now? Not even at first reflection at side walls? I know you are still in the process of setting your system back up. It’s fun and a PITA at the same time. 
I will be interested in what your final configuration looks like. 

I recently purchased 4 of the GIK Quad diffusers. They work ok. I posted my opinion under the Misc Forum today. They probably will work in your room? Since it seems the speakers want a Live Wall, no absorption.

Good luck to you Sir.

Joe Nies


Yes, that’s right. I removed all of the sound absorbing panels in my room. The Planer’s do not reflect any sound to the sides so no need for first reflection control. The center on the front wall was a tough decision but I think these speakers sound better without them.

I did however just get some of these to try.

"TroyStudio Acoustic Sound Diffuser" via Amazon.

They are pretty cheap, don’t look too bad and I think do add to increasing the soundstage. I'll post a picture on my systems page.

GIK Quad diffusers may be in the future.


So, the latest Update:

Again, I have moved the speakers about 100 times since last entry. I am learning alot about my room.

First off, with the previous speakers if the center image was off, I just toed in/out one of the speakers a little more.

But since I am keeping these speakers aiming straight ahead (with No-Toe In) it has been a little more challenging.

It appears that my front wall is not true. One speaker is now 60 " out and the other is 59". One inch difference! Enough to drive me crazy before I figured this out!

Now the center image is locked, and it seems that the speakers are playing a little louder or perhaps more dynamic?


Hello ozzy 

No room is perfect. I have the same issue. My right speaker is about 1/2 inch closer to the front wall than my left. It bothers me also but it sounds correct that way. I have dialed them in. No matter what I do the right side always comes out a 1 inch or less offset. I’ll just have to close my eyes.

Joe Nies

When I looked across from the top of one speaker to the other, I saw they were not lined up. That was the first tip off, and as mentioned the center image was off.

Now they look in line and sound better.


Most speakers you would usually measure from the left then center then right side of speaker to center of listening position, I use a laser to get accurate measurements. Then repeat for other speaker. Is this not the case for planar speakers as well? If you measure to the front wall and your room isn't perfectly square then one of the speakers will not be right at the listening position.

Reading between the lines I'll take a guess ozzy will sell these speakers in less than 6 months. Just a guess. 😉

Except for the fact that Planar speakers use the front wall as part of its design. Reflection? So that distance also needs to be dialed in.

BTW, I just ordered a Lazer measuring tool. Thanks for that tip!


I know this would be time consuming but would the speakers sound better on the long wall? They would have more front wall to use.
Joe Nies


Thanks for that suggestion. I have my 3 dedicated AC lines on the short wall so using the long wall is not a possibility. I don’t think it’s a matter of the amount of space width wise. These speakers are different in design. The sound that I have been used to for all these years has changed and I want these new speakers to sound there best. Perhaps I am too obsessed with that.

I have changed my room treatment radically and need to get a handle on that.


Have you tried tweeter inside and outside both? suncoast did that comparison. It may help you dial them. 


The issue I have is there does not seem to be as much treble energy as I had with the Focal’s. The bass is great. The dynamics is confusing. Some recordings really jump out at you, others seem lame. Finding that right combo of distance from the sidewall, frontwall and perhaps toe in has been a challenge. The speakers are heavy, cables are short and stiff, and my back is hurting. Other than that, No problem. LOL


I think with bringing the speakers closer together (Now about 8.5 feet apart center to center) with NO Toe-In, it really locks in the center image and brings out the treble that was missing when they were further apart.

Now, where’s my beer?...


Yeah, I understand the weight issue and especially when you are trying to do things by yourself. My new speakers weigh 2X what the old ones did. I am 68 and ain't what I used to be...LOL.

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Perhaps I’m not as crazy as I thought. Just don’t listen to my wife...LOL!

The dealer noticed that from my pictures that the ribbon tweeter may have become loose. Afterall, they were originally shipped from Vietnam to Florida then to California and then to my home. However, I feel I now have them zero’d in within my room!

He is sending a couple of guys out next Wednesday to check and tighten them up.

This may be why I have had some issue with dialing the speakers in my room.


Wow your dealer must have 20/20 vision! I looked at the one pic in your system pictures but unfortunately don't know what to look for. It's great your dealer is sending 2 guys to take a look. Good luck


Yeah, I know what you mean. I did send him a couple more pictures though.

I am thankful for the service.


Wow great service, nice to hear that they are supporting you that way. That was a benefit I read about, that the ribbons could be tightened if necessary, which is an awesome feature. 




I hope the process is a one-time event. And/or it is easy to perform. I plan to take a lot of pictures.


Todays Update:

I just connected up some old lamp cord wire instead of my pricey speaker cables. I connected these before when I was moving the speakers around a lot, but I really wasn’t paying much attention to sound quality.

You know what? It sounds better!

I just happened to recall that my speaker cables (Townshend F-1) had some type of network inside, (Zobel?). These cables sounded great with my Focal’s but perhaps filtered the signal too much with my now Planar/Ribbons, but I’m not sure.

The Clarisys Minutes sure sound different with these cheapo cables connected. More open, louder etc. Really a big change.

So, I found a pair of the cables that the Positive Feedback reviewer used when he reviewed the Clarisys Minutes speakers that I now own. They are called Clarus Crimson. Heck, the name even sounds similar to the speakers! They are bi-wire with spades at the amp end and bananas at the speakers. The seller however won’t ship until Friday.

Now to put my cables up for sale…


Well, the guys from SunCoast Audio just left. They were able to tighten up the tweeter ribbons a bit, and I guess I know how to do it if It ever becomes necessary again. Seems pretty simple.

I am impressed with the service.

Now to listen to some tunes...



So, now I wonder what a solid-state amp would do with these speakers?



I used Zobel networks with my Alpha Core Goertz ribbon speaker cables as recommended.  These insure against the rare potential of certain amplifiers architectures having oscillation due to the low impedance cables.  I have read and in fact experienced no difference in sound with the networks in or out.


Thanks for that info. It is strange though how the Clarisys speakers perform with those speaker cables. So, there must be some type of mismatch, impedance wise.

Because the cables performed so great with my Focal Sopra 2 speakers and all others.


If you want to try some great solid state amps that don’t break your back, 13 lb, or bank check out Benchmark AHB2. They have a trial program and the science / construction is impressive the have a noise floor that is lower than most pre-amps 240 watts at 3 ohms both channels driven, 132 dB of dynamic range. They play my 20.1 Maggies at concert levels even with their poor 88 dB efficiency. All this is done with almost zero THD. I know that the Clarisys speakers are much more efficient. . .  I have two, vertically bi-amping each speaker. It’s crazy how revealing they are. 



I just purchased a couple of the Rotel Michi 8 amps. They put out 1800 watts per channel 4 ohms!

Check out my post under the Amp Forum.

Audiogon Discussion Forum


Wow those Rotel amps look really impressive. What a glowing review. I bet those speakers are going to sing! 

- Steve


Thank you for, that is what I am hoping for.

You just never know looking at specs or reviews how different components interact until you can try them together. That is why I am grateful for the vendor allowing 60-day return privilege.


Well, I think this thread has reached its usefulness and I thank those who have participated. I do not want this to turn into a commercial. The Manufacturer and the Dealer should handle that.

So, this thread will soon be closed.


Well good luck ozzy but sounds like we might see these speakers for sale soon. Yes getting one new component can lead down the rabbit hole of no return.