Class A amplifiers - which are considered the best

I have heard Accuphase makes the highest quality pure class A amplifiers. Wanted to get some feedback on folks experience with their amps and any other amp manufacturers that would be in their league (or better) for class a amps. thanks
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Mark Levinson 20.6 amps. Absolutely one of the best ever made and will blow away most of the amps made today. When going away from Mark Levinson the person, I guess the new company had to move forward with different (non Mark Levinson designs). But, what a great amp.

The best Class A amp or any amp for that matter is the one you like best. What I like in an amp most likely will be something different than what you like. You can take people suggestions but only you can tell what is the best. This is like asking what shade of blue is the best.
I have to agree with Rocco. The Burmester 911 MK3 must be heard regardless of price. It is simply stunning in sound and in looks and build quality.