Class A/B Home THeater Receivers

Are there any new Home Theater Receivers that have not gone over to the "Dark Side" (Class D) ???  I love the old Class A/B Home Theater Receivers, but most do not have HDMI. Thanks.
Pretty sure all the Denon/Marantz, Anthem, Yamaha (Aventage, at least), and Onkyo are still Class A/B.  Let me know if you find out otherwise, but I thought it was mostly Pioneer who was heading Class D in HT receivers.
Thanks for the info.  I wish the manufacturers would specify which Class their amps are running in, in their owners manuals... it seems that most don't.
I should also add that I want an AV Receiver with multi-channel RCA inputs, as I want to use the DAC's on my OPPO 105.
I've heard much better Class D amps than I have Japanese receivers!

May I suggest a Parasound P7 multi-channel pre-amp with your choice of amplifiers is a better option for you then?

I use a P7 with an Oppo 103. The downside of this approach is you are really limited in HDMI inputs, one in the front, one in the back. One option, but it's fussy, is to use the Audio Return Channel (ARC) which is now common. I find on my Samsung TV it is fussy and doesn't always connect, sometimes requiring a couple of power-cycles.