Class A Integrated amps

I am currently running a class A Fisher 800 C receiver and a Pair

of Large Advents.  Very happy with this set up but feel I am missing out.

I am planning to up grade with Marantz integrated amp and Klipsch forte lll or lV.  
Cant seem to find info on Marantz equipment that says they are class A.  
also not sure if I should concentrate on a 7.2 Channel a for surround sound. I really just like to immerse in good fidelity with music and a glass of wine.



Isn't the Fisher receiver tubed based? Klipsch speakers sound great with tube amplification.  Another option if not wanting tube amp would be the Pathos Classic One MKIII. It is a tube/SS hybrid. 

If sticking to a class A SS design then the Sugden would be a good candidate.  Also the Pass Int 25, though at higher cost.  Luxman made a model 550 which would also fit, however no longer in production. The Pass or Luxman may be found used. 


Best integrated pairing I've heard with Forte III's is Leben CS300xs.  It's Class A/B.  Sounds way better than a Sugden A21SE pairing which I have also tried. 

You are seeking to put racing fuel into an AMC Gremlin. Ditch the Advent speakers and make your following decisions accordingly.