Class A or Class D solid-state amplifiers (modern designs)

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Class A is supposedly superior. Something to do with a conduction angle of 360 the entire signal gets processed in one go without crossover distortion.

But in terms of sound quality (subjective enjoyment) is there a benefit to Class A? Can class D provide the same level of enjoyment?


The dealer I’m talking to says that really nice Class A amplifiers are designed for "reference quality" meaning completely true to the real life performance.


Let’s compare and contrast. Which one is technically better?


In other words, could you have equal technical performance and quality in a Class D amp?


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@rsf507 - Vu Jade Audio come to our listening room in Northern New Jersey and bring whatever you want to compare.


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LSA Voyager GAN 350 wpc class D is a kick ass amplifier.  I have had multiple highly regarded class A amps and tube amps.  Not yet heard other GAN class D amps..

Let’s get more specific. Which specific class-D power amplifiers compete favorably with the best amplifiers by, say, Audio Research (tube) or McIntosh (tube and/or solid state) or Pass Labs (solid state)? 

I was more curious about the differences, good and bad between class A and D. Assuming that we are talking about amps that were designed for the best performance at their price range, it is a closer race to me about which I prefer. In fact, it matters as well about the amp matching the system to begin with, as I am finding out. In the best combinations that I have to offer in my system, each seems to hold its own. There may have been little competition years ago, but the gap is quickly narrowing. It makes me envy those who have the opportunity to own multiple systems.

FWIW, I just built a class D amp designed by Pete Millet, as well as another type of class D amp designed by Peter Nelson IIRC. Each of them sound different. And different sounding still is my class A amp designed and built by John Dee, formerly from Sudgen Audio. I just feel fortunate to have had the experience.

I'm very, very happy with my VTV Purifi monoblocks (the 1ET400A, not the Eigentakt). They easily bested my Parasound A21+, and cost 33% less.