Class A or Class D solid-state amplifiers (modern designs)

Hey guys.


Class A is supposedly superior. Something to do with a conduction angle of 360 the entire signal gets processed in one go without crossover distortion.

But in terms of sound quality (subjective enjoyment) is there a benefit to Class A? Can class D provide the same level of enjoyment?


The dealer I’m talking to says that really nice Class A amplifiers are designed for "reference quality" meaning completely true to the real life performance.


Let’s compare and contrast. Which one is technically better?


In other words, could you have equal technical performance and quality in a Class D amp?


- Jack.


Thank You to all for the insight. Goes to show that my friend was right. This is easily the best audiophile forum on the web.

I have been listening to the Coda #16 with it’s first 100 watts of class A for almost a year now and recently brought in AGD Audion mono blocks. The Coda, to me is the pinnacle of class A goodness. I love the dynamic power. The AGD mono’s are right there with amazing speed and dynamic force of their own. I continue to switch between the two and right now I am leaning toward the AGD as my keepers. Not to mention the AGD is almost half the price of the Coda. So the Coda might be for sale soon.

I’m surprised no one mentions SPEC CORP, outstanding amplifiers. Another may well be LFD I suspect, who have recently turned their hand to class D.

@spanev - his statement was to me that he has heard amps that compete - so since I cannot get a hold of his amps - I am asking him to provide me with his experience based upon his response to me.

To date, we have not heard a class D amplifier that competes in sound quality.  We are open to hear something that comes close but not yet to our ears.

I have. FWIW class D amps vary at least as much in sound as tube amps do.


Your posts offers some examples:

Specifically, we are referring to amps like the Merrill Audio Element 116

Merrill Audio - Element 116 Power Amplifier Monoblocks

the AGD Audio Gran Vivace

AGD Gran Vivace Monoblock · AGD Productions

the Nuprime Evolution One

The NuPrime Evo One Mono Amplifiers - Review & First Listening Session - SONIC UNITY

the Technics SE-R1

Technics SE-R1 Stereo Power Amplifier –

the Theta Digital Prometheus

Prometheus | Theta Digital

to name a few.

Take a listen when you get a chance an let us know what you think.

Heard them all but the Theta Digital Prometheus.  IMO they do not compare wo what we manufacturer.  Our opinion may be different that other peoples but I am open to anyone bringing something to our listening room as we are always open to hear something.  We are also looking for the best we can hear for our systems.

Happy Listening.