Class A or Class D solid-state amplifiers (modern designs)

Hey guys.


Class A is supposedly superior. Something to do with a conduction angle of 360 the entire signal gets processed in one go without crossover distortion.

But in terms of sound quality (subjective enjoyment) is there a benefit to Class A? Can class D provide the same level of enjoyment?


The dealer I’m talking to says that really nice Class A amplifiers are designed for "reference quality" meaning completely true to the real life performance.


Let’s compare and contrast. Which one is technically better?


In other words, could you have equal technical performance and quality in a Class D amp?


- Jack.


Yeah, i just go for something to do. Sound is sometimes wanting at shows even the best equipment can sound so so at a show.

There are some great dealers in the LA area. One year I was at the LA show and had a big room with KEF Blade 1 (my fav) and Hegel monos basically all to myself. The lady in charge played over an hour of music on the Blades. 


I was never able to hear the AGD Gran Vivace but the Audions were superb. I now have custom modded Altec Lansing 1570B mono blocks.

I'm upset because I just found out you can't run a Class D amp in pure Class A