Class "A" phono cartridge discussion.

I would like to have a discussion about what cartridges are class A. Stereophile has their list but I can't help thinking there is probably a lot left out.

Last year I traded my Delos for a used EMT TSD15 because the TSD 15 was listed as class A in Stereophile. I love the TSD 15. It is the best cartridge I have heard. But I will probably have to re tip it soon. $1250 for a re tip is expensive but I will be able to do it when I have to. Moving to anything else from here is just too cost prohibitive. Three to ten thousand for a class A cartridge is just probably not going to happen. Although Miyajima sounds enticing to me. Maybe some day. The funny thing about the TSD 15 is it has been around for decades and I'd never really heard much about it until recently.

 I'm curious if there are other classic cartridges that are class A that can be had for less than the upper echelon price? Maybe we can start a list.

The funny thing about the Stereophile list is that you have to go to a $7000 Lyra, $4800 Sound smith for Class A in those brands. There are currently no ZYX, no Dynavectors and no Shelters on the list despite being popular brands.

I do have a ZYX Yatra and had a Delos. The TSD 15 is better than both. 
My Sonics Labs Eminent Ultra EX is a phenomenal cartridge although a bit pricey. The giant killer not many mention or know about is the Dynavector 20x2H. Don't get the L version not nearly as good. If your phono stage can handle it the H is incredibly good and beats most at any where near its price range and 1000's more. 

van den Hul is back in the USA. AJ invented the stylus named after him. Each Cartridge is built and inspected by himself and has a three year warranty. His Stradivarius line is brand new and the the culmination of 41 years of cartridge design. The Crimson Stradivarius is being reviewed by Stereophile as we speak. He also rebuilds and retips cartridges for a lot less than emt or koetsu. contacct the us distributor for an authorized dealer

Since you are cartridge shopping only, I must assume that you are very pleased with your tonearm and turntable.  That being said...don't distress over Stereophile ratings.  Everything in your analog audio chain must be optimized which is no small feat.  Revisiting this may pay huge dividends.
Inherent weaknesses in turntables performance can kill anything that follows.  Same for tonearms.  Not saying that this is your issue but it's worth a critical evaluation. 
I am constantly amazed at what people spin there wonderful vinyl on. 
Back to the heart of the matter....Ortofon can't be dismissed nor Charisma.  My current Ortofon is pretty magnificent.  Van den Hul can be superb but cartridge to cartridge variations due exist.
Happy hunting.