Class A solid state power amp

Mt system is: Linn LP12/Origin Live RB250 SilverAnniversary/dynavectorD17 catridge
Copland CD266
EC Audio Finesta Pre
Upgraded Quad 606 Power
Living Voice Auditorium Speakers
Nordost Red Dawn interconnect
I've got sensitive speakers,built for low output Valve Amps,but am not too keen on going the valve route.I often have short listening sessions(fitting in around the kids TV
watching),so I do'nt want to be turning the amps on and off every few minutes.How about a good Class A solid state power amp?I would like the valve warmth and rich mid range without the fuss.Too much to ask?
I thought of the Monarchy Audio 70 Pro's,Sugden Masterclass or of course the grandaddy Krell's.
What is your experience? I do'nt mind going for 2nd hand, older models,in fact most of my system is 2nd hand.
Your advise would be very welcome.
David Wise
The solid state Pass Aleph series has a reputation for tubelike sound. My Aleph 3 has a smooth, liquid, indulgent midrange plus feathery highs and decent lows. While the Aleph series is now out of production, there are a fair number for sale in the used market, and they are built like tanks and should last a long time. If you can get by with 30 watts per channel, the Aleph 3 stereo amp might be a good choice. There are other models with higher power, as well as monoblocks. I urge you to find one to listen to, so you can get a first hand impression of their sound. The Pass Labs web site still has info on the Aleph series, try the following link: Good luck.
I agree with Unsound and Jameswei. I also have a Pass Aleph 3 and enjoy it very much. Your gear looks like it would match well with the amp.
The Pass amps are very good, if you want something a little older (less expensive), you could check out some Threshold's. You can get a very good price on some vintage Threshold amps. I like the sound of some of the older Threshold amps better than Krell and Levinson.