Class A vs. AB vs. D... can you hear a difference?

All things remaining constant is there an audible difference?

I do not mean tube vs. Solid state.

All solid state.

Some Class A amps go to class AB after so many watts... is there an audible change?

I ask because I have a class AB amp and was thinking about going to a class D set up front for home theater


General guidelines on a topic such as this has too many variables to offer any useful info. IMHO. I have heard Class A, AB, B, all sound great and terrible. Same for tubes in A, A-AB, etc. Most important is how the amp matches the speakers. PT
Had an 1980s vintage Yamaha CA-1010 Integrated amp for a year, just sold it. 18/18 watts class A then to 90/90 watts class AB. Could not hear "switching" and setting output to "A/AB" sounded better than "AB". More detail/more solid lows. Not a major difference, but surely noticeable.
My experience is limited to an A/B and five switching amplifiers including a Pioneer receiver. Overwhelmingly the switching amps didn't become congested when driven hard and were consistently less fatiguing. After repeated comparisons I concluded they're presentations were simply different and I enjoyed them both.

My class D performance improved greatly with upgraded AC (not conditioned) and attention to cabling synergy, something many detractors fail to confront.

The Pioneer receiver's two prong AC improved the most with my homes AC upgrade. In the two channel system the receiver held its own very well with the mono blocks. And like the monos it likes lots of copper strapped to its terminals. I settled on NuForce speaker cable.

Blanket statements regarding switching amplification are a dime a dozen often made without any set up details. Class D is not plug and play and simply another amplifier choice.

My system is all bowers and wilkins.
802d htm1 in the front.
802n for the back channels.
804S for expansion chanels.

My amp is am anthem statement p5.

I am looking to add the 804s speakers for 6 and 7 channels.

Short of buying another anthem statement amp. I am looking into other options.

Anthem makes their mono amps. 1000 watts (for me over kill) but it is a class D design.

I had thought about class A.... but I hear of a lot of heat coming from the amps. And I want to be more effienct.

B&W recommends speaker cables with a low ohm per a given foot.

I am not one that believes cables beyond a certain point help or hurt. But then again my ears are not all that great.

So that is the background for my question on amps classes.

I could easily use the anthem for surround channel only.... if I found 3 channels to use up front from another amp or amps.

Bill, for the 6 and 7 channels, just effects, you don't really need another statement amp, but I'd use your 5 channel on the front channels for sure. You could get an Anthem MCA amp or even go to another brand I think. I'd suggest Parasound too, they are voiced similarly to Anthem I believe. Their Classic line would do a fine job, and of course the Halo line, depending on your preference/budget.