Class Action Suit against UPS?

How many of us are getting our Audio Equipment Destroyed by United Parcel Service. A brand new BAT amp claim was denied even though UPS lost it for two weeks. Although FEDX costs more, they take better care of Audio Equipment. Anyone having problems with UPS?
Robba ~ You have my respect and apologies for my pointed post. I appear to be suffering from a pointed head this week. Further I am afraid that due to unrelated and unresolved issues with this site, the issues have influenced my behavior. I agree with everything you have said above and conduct my shipping in a similar matter. I was coming to the defense of UPS and Fedx because in all cases that I have used them recently the goods have arrived in fine condition and on time. I know folks have had troubles with these carriers regarding claims and I my main intention was that members think the transaction through and cover themselves. I want to see every member having good luck with the shipping of their gear, just as I am sure you do. I just think that the big carriers should not be disregarded as a completely acceptable, cost effective, convenient method for shipping a good majority of their goods. There are others on this site who would like you to believe that they have the answer. I am not entirely conviced they are being honest. I am leaving the forumn things to others who have a cooler head and more knowledge than myself. Happy listening and good wishes.
A correction ~ the 3rd post above this "I'm actually suprised" was mis-posted in this thread. It belongs in the Hellohifi DHL and why? thread where I have reposted it. My apologies and I hope that you didn't think that one was for anyone involved in this thread. I'm gone.
Fed Ex dos not "cost more" than UPS.
Compare FED EX 1, 2, & 3 day to UPS 1, 2, & 3 day.
Compare Fed EX ground to UPS ground.
Same prices, more or less, and Fed Ex is often LESS.
If you ship fragile equipment that isn't packed well (and often even when it is), by a rough ground service, and it gets damaged, don't be surprised. We shipped 1,000+ hifi packages in 2000 and had *1* claim for damage. We do NOT use UPS and rarely use Fed Ex. Use DHL is possible, but with out an account and a volume deal, they are expensive (with it their next day rate is usually less than UPS 3 day).
Using ground? Double box & quadruple pack it, be prepared to wait, & wait, & wait, or do NOT use ground.
Fed Ex claims vs UPS claims--------------------
We had one ship claim in 2000, and it just happened to be with Fed Ex.
They are being very difficult with this rather small (under $300) claim.
They seem to have adopted the practices of RPS, a company they merged with (or bought).
RPS was incredibly terrible to deal with (on damage, claims, pick ups, billing, you name it).
Fed Ex seems to be doing the same thing, not as bad, but 80% of the way there. Too bad.....
I sent an amp COD with FedEx (2-day air) and they mailed the COD check backl to the Audio Store I originally bought it from! I suppose they got the address from the old tag (which the woman at FedEx said she would cover up with my tag). It makes me wonder why I spent so much time filling out all the paperwork. No one read it.