Class Action Suit against UPS?

How many of us are getting our Audio Equipment Destroyed by United Parcel Service. A brand new BAT amp claim was denied even though UPS lost it for two weeks. Although FEDX costs more, they take better care of Audio Equipment. Anyone having problems with UPS?
"Electronics not insured, insured only for loss." The UPS outlet I use to ship the stuff I sell add this message on the shipping paper . Is this normal?
To Hellohifi..Will you please get the heck out of the forumn. No one is interested in hearing your crap about why it's so great to ship DHL and the troubles you have had. I am sure that fed x is being difficult with you for the same reason so many others have difficulty dealing with you. It's because you are one rude son-of-a=bitch! They ought to really ban the dealers from participating in the forumn and advertising their opinion or wares. The more I see this kind of junk on this site the less interested I am in coming here. Keep it up Audiogone and pretty soon you and Hellohif will be the only ones left.
To Nordostman.. "( +0, 0, -0)". "Will you please get" a shipping clue......................
When threads get started about shipping we always get ASKED to participate.
We know more about shipping hifi than ANY member on this site.
There is nothing that is "junk: about our ship posts, you just don't like us, and that's your hurt feelings problem (LOL!), but it has nothing to do with the content of our post.
Our shipping dept puts other dealers in ah, along with our ship record (99.9% positive).
We have 16 different shipping accts (you probably haven't even shipped 16 hifi items....).
Don't waste our time and you won't find us "difficult", as our 450 feedbacks clearly imply.
According to your feedback, you don't deal with ANYONE on this site: ( +0, 0, -0).,
so who exactly are you to be commenting on a thread about shipping hifi?
Did you ship over a 1,000 items last year? Did you even ship 1?
If YOU don't like our few posts, then vote them off, that's how it now works.
BTW, what exactly did you buy from us? Answer: The same as your rating; NOTHING.
Closing statement: If members double box & quadruple pack their ground
shipments you will rarely have trouble, but few go through this trouble.
I want to hear from dealers and their personal experience. As stated they have a lot of experiences to share with us. After a lot of problems with U.P.S. I even agree with Hello Hi Fi's shipping policies.

That said I think Hello Hi Fi is one of the most antaginistic posters on this site. They dont always start the fight but they have no problem draging it on. I think they are one of the most unprofessional hi fi companies I have ever seen.
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