Class D Amplification Announcement

After 60 some odd years of disappointment, Class D has finally arrived. As per The Absolute Sound’s Jonathan Valin, the Borrenson-designed Aavik P-580 amp “is the first Class D amplifier I can recommend without the usual reservations. …the P-580 does not have the usual digital-like upper-mid/lower-treble glare or brick wall-like top-octave cut-off that Class D amps of the past have evinced.”

Past designers of Class D and audiophiles, rejoice; Michael Borrenson has finally realized the potential of Class D.


@mervo "The LAPC and JENO circuits are real tech."

YES!  I was playing with the LAPC last night.  It's pretty impressive.

@badgerdms agree on the NAD stuff being sterile. I have had a couple and ended up either selling them or sending them to University with one of my kids.

The Cambridge EVO series peaks my interest but at that price I can get the Simaudio ACE and have a nice kit for the garage. 


Tried a cheap Chinese class D amp once just to see what all the fuss is about.  It sounded good but created RF noise that was picked up by my ham radio transceiver so I tossed it in the can.  

IDK 🤷‍♂️. I have a pair of Jeff Rowland Model 501’s pushing a pair of Watt/Puppy 5.1’s and the sound is amazing. Power for days and they don’t get hot. First class D amps for me and I’m super happy with the setup. 

I bought a cheap Emotiva class A/B amp, but it didn't do it for me, so I tossed in it the trash.  Based on that experience, I dismissed class A/B as an inferior amplifier topology.