Class D Amplification Announcement

After 60 some odd years of disappointment, Class D has finally arrived. As per The Absolute Sound’s Jonathan Valin, the Borrenson-designed Aavik P-580 amp “is the first Class D amplifier I can recommend without the usual reservations. …the P-580 does not have the usual digital-like upper-mid/lower-treble glare or brick wall-like top-octave cut-off that Class D amps of the past have evinced.”

Past designers of Class D and audiophiles, rejoice; Michael Borrenson has finally realized the potential of Class D.



you dummy, you just needed to use some audiophile fuses in that emotiva, and then a shakti stone on top, then it would be a world beater!!!

now, for cheap-ass chinese class d... one needs synergistic fuses, shakti stone, AND cable lifters!

Okay, okay. I think I may have found a limitation to my cheap-ass class D China amp (Tripath T2024 chip with only 10W of power). And it took me some time because I was mostly listening to my regular music, which is soft rock and acoustic. The amp sounds very nice to me, just warm enough not to be sterile. It’s also more detailed than the previously owned Yamaha RN402.

Yoshimatsu: Symphony No 4 is the album which punched me in the gut. I have to crank the volume up to 80% to fill the room. And I feel like I’m still missing a dynamic punch. Is this a limitation of my amp or my speakers (Closer Acoustics Ogy + Rel T5x sub)?



I've just ordered a Hifimediy TK2050 amplifier board.

Check it out.

Tripath sound with power!!!

You need to add a power supply, input and output terminals, and of course a box (a piece of wood works).

There are huge threads about it on where you can find all build informations. 

That thing has great components throughout and even has speaker protection relays built-in. I can't wait to build mine!



My audiophile days are decades in the rear view mirror. Now, its all about fun. Just what acoustic, live, setting will allow me to calibrate my ears with Donna Summers ‘I feel love’? ;) P.S. looks like someone is getting paid by the carriage return…