Class D amplifiers have very little phase shift

Too many diagrams to post here, so I just blogged it:

The 20 degrees at 2 kHz argument is bunk.
Erik, I may have missed it in another thread, but about how many pairs of and different configuration of pairs of speakers have you built?  

Were they from the kits I see online? Seems like it might be fun, if they turned out OK which might not be the case for some of us.
Hi @Jetter

That's a little off topic, but 3 different speaker designs.  I use all of them in my HT.

2 of these designs are 2-way, one a center (also a 2-way).  They're not commercial kits, so no one has the courage to blow cash on the parts. :-)

Plenty of good kits from Parts Express, Madisound and Meniscus. I encourage you to look there for ideas and kits with existing reviews.


I have some Crown XLS 1502's, and I am very happy with them. They replaced some 250 Watt Monoblocks that had toroidal transformer noise on one, and although they were quite nice in sound, they did not have the detail, the imaging stability, the sound staging, nor the tonal quality of the Crowns.

In all the forums, people like to push their own statistics, opinions . . . whatever, but it comes down to what is pleasing to your own ears. The first time I heard the Crowns were at a gentleman's house, who had the resources for any type of amps, speakers, etc. he wanted . . . and he had his speakers using the Crowns in an active system . . . and he was very well pleased.

This is not about pleasing everyone out there, unless you are in business to do so . . . then you will use all the propaganda, statistics, and advertising hype to sell your product; however, if you are the consumer -- in actuality, who are you buying the equipment for . . . to please you or the public; to make a statement of your status in life by the money you spend . . . or sitting down and caring less about the opinions of others, as you sit back and enjoy the fruit of your labors and the sweet sound of your favorite music.