Class D amplifiers. What's the future look like?

I have a number of amplifiers: Luxman C900U, Bryston 4BSST2, Audio Research VSI 60 Integrated, NAD C298 and some other less noteworthy units. As I swap them in and out of my main system, I've come to the conclusion my very modest NAD C298 is about all I really need. Granted if I had extremely hard to drive speakers, I might be better with the Bryston or Luxman, but driving my Harbeth 40.2 speakers, the NAD is just fine. 

I thought a while ago that class D would quickly overtake amplifier design type mainly due to profit margin which I think would be much greater than A/B and tube. I'm not saying the other design styles would go away, just that D would be the most common style. 

Clearly my prediction is not panning out, at least in the mid and high-end audio world and I'm wondering why? It seems companies such as Bryston, Luxman, McIntosh, Hegel and so many others are sticking by A/B. I'm no "golden ears" guy, but is the perceived sound issue(weather real or imaginary) still holding D back? Maybe my assumption of profit margin is not correct? Maybe the amplifier manufacturers are experimenting with D, but keeping tight lipped until release? Perhaps brand loyalists don't want change similar to what happened with "new coke". What else am I missing?



Who are the people who think Peachtree is better than their 12 k systems?

While we’re at it, I want everyone to know there are folks who think their $500 class AB is at least 70% better than the modded Peachtree Gan amps. See how this works?

I like Steve Huff...As a human...

But his room has nothing to do with acoustic optimum...

As many reviewers he sell gear...

Not acoustic knowledge which is over any piece of gear the ground of musical experience in sound...

It is not your amplifier nevermind the class, you must upgrade... Tune your room and buy the BACCH filters...

And buy any amplifier you wish too if you can afford it... I cannot ... 😊

But if you do one thing , tune the room a bit...



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Check out the GaN1 thread here on Audiogon for a couple of posts by people who liked the stock and modded GaN1 better than their $12K system. I did not make this up.

So, who do you know that liked their $500 class A/B better than the stock Gan1 by 70%? Do you have a link to their statements/postings? The stock GaN1 can only sound as good as the source and the digital cable and its footers, power cord, line conditioning, etc. Just the digital cable alone makes a world of difference....and of course, the mods take it to another whole level.

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I am using a pair of PS Audio Stellar M1200

monoblocks, which are Class D, and that replaced a much

more expensive A/B amp. The sound they are giving me 

from my Magnepan 1.7i’s is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve been into

high end audio for 30 years and have used

much more expensive gear and now I have the best

sounding system I have ever had. Class D

is for real.


I am someone who said my PeachTree GAN1 (has to be modded) was as good as about $30K of gear.

I am also someone who said my gear is end game and threw out all my shipping boxes, except the amp, in-case of repairs. My other gear is a short driving distance for potential repairs at the manufacturers. My shipping boxes cleanup photos is in the Virtual Systems section.

I am a streamer short so my GAN1 has been idle for a few months but I get a used Sonore OpticalRendu hand delivered from my visiting parents in 2 weeks ($700). That goes on the GAN1 and it will be a headphone amp. It will be a killer system (semi-portable within my home).

Just listening to music now and not searching anymore for gear.