Class D amps,bang for your buck ones


First off,

I don't know much about class D amps, I did buy a Sonic Impact T-amp from Parts Express once to play with, I returned it because I don't have the speakers for it.

I did manage to hook it up to a pair of BIC Venturi horn speakers, and was floored with the clarity of the amp.

Those speakers had so many problems that I just didn't want to monkey with them, bad x-overs with busted pots,only sometimes could I get them to work right.

So, this leads me to my question.

Whats a high value class D amp with some hp/balls to drive normal speakers?

I'm looking for the Forte 4 of class D's, assuming (class D)is a tripath based/type amp.

Any suggestions or comments welcome.

I have an Accuphase pre and a minimax pre to use.

I 2nd PS Audio GCC-250. I am using it with Gallos Reference 3.1 speakers. These are pretty inexpensive now on the used market. I am very pleased with it.
I have the Audiosource 7t 200 wpc Tripath chip base amp also used in Bel Canto Evo 200.2, Audio Research 150.2 and the Carver Pro ZR1000. Someone was selling these new on Ebay several years ago with about 40 available. After buying one and enjoying the sound, I bought another one because of the price/performance ratio. My Bryston 4B-ST has been sitting lonely on the sideline eversince, best $250 I've ever spent on audio. It's killer with a tube pre. Excellent sound mating with Gallo 3.1.
Keep an eye on Virtue Audio amps. Stereomojo says more goods are coming soon.

Clarity, yes.
"Excellent sound mating with Gallo 3.1."

This is probably because Anthony Gallo develop his speakers AND , as a rule, display his speakers (CES 2009, I am not sure about RMAF 2009) with class D amplifier - Musician III by Spectorn Audio.

As a matter of fact many other speaker designers like late John Danlavy, Albert von Schweikert use Spectron amplifiers as well in their speaker developments

All The Best