Class D amps seem poised to take over. Then what?

I am certainly biased by my lifetime final amp being a Class D. But I know that after 30+ years of development, Class D seems to be on a high plain. I know there are now many, many companies focusing on Class D and, maybe, a good handful already as good as it gets. My Class D amp is as smooth and beautifully musical as a great tube amp and as punchy and detailed as a great SS amp. I am satisfied and done with my search. A class D amp has effectively taken me off the amp merry-go-round. It’s about time after 50 years. And, for me, this Class D is a milestone. Will all other classes of amps fade away?
It will be interesting to see if manufacturers start to migrate away from less 'environmentally-friendly' amp topologies.  As executive leadership, and designers, become younger in these companies, they might make the decision to focus more on 'greener' designs like Class-D.  And, there is the possibility that environmental agencies start pushing for such a thing, just like has been done in the auto industry.  If tax credits are offered for R&D towards this, that will further incentivize companies in the green direction.

However, just like with cars - where there will always be 'classic/muscle car' enthusiasts -  there will also be Class-A, A/B, tube amp enthusiasts...and hopefully repair techs to service them ;) 

Of course, we're probably talking about decades, not years, but clearly there is momentum already occurring in this direction.
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I had an ICE class D amp.  I liked the sound but I'm a ham radio operator and it generated RFI which was picked up by my transceiver.  Went back to class A/B and now no noise.  
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I’m a ham radio operator and it generated RFI which was picked up by my transceiver. Went back to class A/B and now no noise.

You can check this yourself, get a portable "am radio" tune it around between 500-700khz "unmuted" turn up the volume, and go near your Class-D amps speaker terminals with it and even switchmode wall warts, and listen to it scream.
This is "what it looks like" on Stereophiles oscilloscope square wave shot (top pic)

But now Stereophile don’t show that pic anymore and filter it out with their AP test gear filters so you don’t see it, which should not be allowed, in my books as it's not representative of what comes out the amps speaker output.
They say it’s because the noise overloads the AP gear, but that’s bs because they didn’t use it years ago, with the same gear, and if it does then they should fix it not hide it.

Cheers George