Class D amps seem poised to take over. Then what?

I am certainly biased by my lifetime final amp being a Class D. But I know that after 30+ years of development, Class D seems to be on a high plain. I know there are now many, many companies focusing on Class D and, maybe, a good handful already as good as it gets. My Class D amp is as smooth and beautifully musical as a great tube amp and as punchy and detailed as a great SS amp. I am satisfied and done with my search. A class D amp has effectively taken me off the amp merry-go-round. It’s about time after 50 years. And, for me, this Class D is a milestone. Will all other classes of amps fade away?
I jumped back into audio after sitting out for years. I bought a new wadia 315/321 amp/pre-amp along with totem acoustic forest speakers. I was so disappointed with the sound as the speakers sounded great at the store but the bass response was really lacking at home. I considered new speakers but eventually settled on a new Cary Audio SLP 98 pre and 120S MKII amp same speakers. Boy what a difference! So much sound and the speakers I was going to get rid now sound great. Glad I got rid of my wadia 315 class D.
Class D today is no different than another Class, There is the good the bad and the ugly in any class of amplifier.

People wanting a lot of watts on the cheap are going to get the same in SQ regardless of class of amp. Design is key regardless of class.
You know... I can enjoy music in a bunch of ways.  Hell, I’ve beat the steering wheel of a rental car when listening to a great song.

yes, a great system, whatever the make-up, is going to sound better than a rental car stereo; however, come on folks....  enjoy what you have and when the itch comes, make a change to a part of your system.

BTW, there isn’t a perfect way to get sound...  it’s all subjective...  coloration is a preference, kind of like ice cream.  What flavor or class is soothing to the taste buds or ears?  Anyone can decide!!

probably over half the people commenting don’t play an instrument. If you did (drums for me) you will realize that a sound system is probably not going to recreate the live instrument...

Go and enjoy the music...
 What flavor or class is soothing to the taste buds or ears?
Its not the class of operation- its the distortion signature. If you've got that right the class of operation is irrelevant.
Atmosphere... perhaps we are saying the same thing. My point was: people like the sound the way they like it. Class type, distortion signature, or whatever really doesn’t make a difference if someone likes the sound they have.

I’ve never listened to a Class D amp, so, I could care less. That being said, I have heard systems that sound really nice using a receiver. People can get good sound (stated differently: sound they enjoy) in a bunch of different ways.