Class D amps that are superior to all or most?

Recently, I have heard about some Class D amps that may be close to the best there is regardless of class. Certainly, this technology has been in development for decades. The main issue has always been the switching power supply. In this regard, I have taken notice of AGD. They have created a whole new power supply that “switches” at a frequency 100 times the normal silicon based MOSFET. The designer uses a gallium nitride based PS. Interesting, it is enclosed in the KT88 glass envelope that sits on top of his amps. I am aware of two more pricey amps that seem to be also at the top- the Solution and the Merrill. There must be others that compete for the title. After my thread, “Is there a SS amp that can satisfy a SET guy?”, I am still on the quest.
Don’t want to spend $50K!
Underwood HiFi was launching a 200Wpc GAN amp for $3000 under the LSA

And don't throw this new one away yet just because it's very inexpensive.
 A US made and designed Class-D using GaN technology, for just $699!!!!!!!!

Cheers George
i have not pursued sampling all purported good class d amps, by a long shot

best i have heard in my system is devialet, which is some sort of hybrid
I’ve been really impressed with Nuprime’s amps… although they do not claim them as class D, but as a hybrid. Hypex and Purifi based amps range from ok to breathtaking.

My preference is class A or AB for tweeters and maybe mids with D for lows and subs. 
George, those Class D Audio USA amps look nice, but boy are they butt ugly. 
Btw,  Class G and Class H are really nice sounding.  Typically they are the first X # of watts in Class A and then switching comes in above that.  I've heard a few and owned one (Creek Evolution 100) and they sound really nice.