Class D amps that are superior to all or most?

Recently, I have heard about some Class D amps that may be close to the best there is regardless of class. Certainly, this technology has been in development for decades. The main issue has always been the switching power supply. In this regard, I have taken notice of AGD. They have created a whole new power supply that “switches” at a frequency 100 times the normal silicon based MOSFET. The designer uses a gallium nitride based PS. Interesting, it is enclosed in the KT88 glass envelope that sits on top of his amps. I am aware of two more pricey amps that seem to be also at the top- the Solution and the Merrill. There must be others that compete for the title. After my thread, “Is there a SS amp that can satisfy a SET guy?”, I am still on the quest.
Don’t want to spend $50K!
AGD GaN amps are not $32K. The Audion’s are $7500 a pair and the more powerful Gran Vivace’s are $18.5K a pair.

Also coming out this summer is a new Manhattan amp from Mytek....200 watts a channel dual mono stereo GaN based for $7K......The $20K 500 watt a channel Mytek GaN Empire mono blocks will be released in July. Lot’s of cool class D coming soon.
when are you releasing your class d amps, ralph...?
@jjss49 We've run into covid-related issues with part availability. We've completed the AC line-related measurements (the concern is meeting EU directives so it can bear the CE mark; if it does this it will meet radiation directives pretty much world-wide); right now we're working on the RFI measurements. The plan is to have the first production occurring this summer.
I just got rid of my class D amp (Chinese Icepower).  I liked the sound but I am a ham radio operator who just got back into it after a break and the amp was radiating RFI (radio frequency noise) from the speaker cables.  I did what I could to filter it out but nothing worked.  Back to class a/b and I like it too so nothing lost. 
Recently purchased ARC DS225 Class D amplifier as a secondary (summer amp and live in Texas) to my ARRC VS115 tube amp. Have not been a fan of Class D, however, the ARC DS225 sounds amazing. Not much heat coming off and has balance inputs. Seems ARC designed to have the same sound signature though you can tell it is not tubes. 
Digital Amplifier Company Cherry Amplifiers.  

Lots of opinions here on Agon.  If you have a negative one, you’re entitled to it, I will give you that.  In the end, the only person impacted, is the one who didn’t choose to audition one for themselves.  The real winner is the one who discovers a product due to another’s recommendation.