Class D ICEpower 1200as2 vs. Purifi 1ET7040SA amplifiers


Has anyone compared the ICEpower 1200as2 vs. Purifi 1ET7040SA amplifier in their hifi setup?  Legacy Audio uses the ICEpower module in their i-V2 Ultra and Doug Schroeder did a nice review on it.  I first read about the i-V2 Ultra in Doug's review on the Pure Audio Project Trio15/Coax10 review.  I just ordered these speakers, so I am interested in this amp.  I researched a myriad of class D amps and I've narrowed down my interest to the following; GaNFet (AGD Audion), Purifi (Apollon w/Sparkos opamp), MOSFET (Bel Canto REF601M) and ICEPower (Legacy Audio I-V2 Ultra). 


I know ICEpower modules are older class D technology, but if they are equal or outperform the latest offerings, that's all that matters to me.  Plus, I understand they are reliable as they have been around for a long time. 


I owned PS Audio's M700's and S300 amps which use ICEPower modules and they sounded really good, but I sold them several years ago to explore the world of tubes.  I'm back to solid state now and interested in the latest class D offerings.


Any impressions/experience with the icepower 1200as2 vs. Purifi 1ET7040SA amplifiers are welcomed.  I've already read good reviews on both of them, so a comparison between the two would be most helpful.  In addition, let me know if you have compared any of the class D amps in my list in the first paragraph.  I understand I need to hear them for myself, but I still appreciate your opinions!


Thanks in advance


I have to tell you I could not tell my ICEpower units apart from the Parasound Halo amps I bought, so I sold the Parasound. :) 

@erik_squires I appreciate your feedback.  I’ve been getting that type of feedback from a lot of reviews and forums concerning the latest offerings from class D amps vs. owner’s expensive solid state or tube class A & AB amps.  So, it’s good to hear the technology is improving!



The PS Audio M1200 is 1200as2 Tube hybrid.  12AU7 input stage.  I would really like to hear a pair of those with my Mullards in there.  I ran the S300 fronted by a Rogue RP-1 for years to good affect. 

PS Audio is just down the street from me and I am afraid to go over there 😀