Class D ICEpower 1200as2 vs. Purifi 1ET7040SA amplifiers


Has anyone compared the ICEpower 1200as2 vs. Purifi 1ET7040SA amplifier in their hifi setup?  Legacy Audio uses the ICEpower module in their i-V2 Ultra and Doug Schroeder did a nice review on it.  I first read about the i-V2 Ultra in Doug's review on the Pure Audio Project Trio15/Coax10 review.  I just ordered these speakers, so I am interested in this amp.  I researched a myriad of class D amps and I've narrowed down my interest to the following; GaNFet (AGD Audion), Purifi (Apollon w/Sparkos opamp), MOSFET (Bel Canto REF601M) and ICEPower (Legacy Audio I-V2 Ultra). 


I know ICEpower modules are older class D technology, but if they are equal or outperform the latest offerings, that's all that matters to me.  Plus, I understand they are reliable as they have been around for a long time. 


I owned PS Audio's M700's and S300 amps which use ICEPower modules and they sounded really good, but I sold them several years ago to explore the world of tubes.  I'm back to solid state now and interested in the latest class D offerings.


Any impressions/experience with the icepower 1200as2 vs. Purifi 1ET7040SA amplifiers are welcomed.  I've already read good reviews on both of them, so a comparison between the two would be most helpful.  In addition, let me know if you have compared any of the class D amps in my list in the first paragraph.  I understand I need to hear them for myself, but I still appreciate your opinions!


Thanks in advance


I hope to have an A/B comparison of several popular class D amps at the PNW AudioFest June 23-25th in Seattle. Come by for a listen!


I moved from Primaluna integrated to Bel Canto 600 and ended up with AGD Audions.  Could not be happier.  The Primaluna seemed to be lacking headroom, Bel Cantos no life but the AGD had what I was looking for.   I still have tubes is the path as I use a Cary SLP-05.  End game stuff at my budget in my room.  Could not be happier.  Balance of system - Bricasti M1 Series 2, Joseph Audio Perspectives.  

I have owned the AGD Audions for the last couple of years paired with a Supratek DHT pre and i could not be happier. The music comes to life with a satisfying musical experience.

Make sure to choose a class D amp with lots of head room like 800w in eight ohm.

You may also want it to be stable in 2 ohm.

And don't pay too much for boutique brands.

Yes, the "war" is now between different class D constructions. Myself I use a Storm PA 8 mk2 which is terrific.

FYI: the ICEpower 1200 AS1 is a mono module, the 1200 AS2 is a stereo/2 channel module

I have enjoyed a Tweak Audio EVS 1200 (dual 1200 AS1s , no tube input) for a couple years now. The twin mono modules are modified by Ric Schultz

I had the PS Audio M700s for maybe 4 months. My room is physically and volumetrically large, the M700s were underwhelming in it even though my Emerald Physics 3.4s (open baffle) are very efficient. The EVS 1200 rocks the room.

I seriously doubt PSAs M1200s are using the 1200 AS2s, most likely based on the 1200 AS1s

I also have a LSA Voyager GaN 350, which I like even better, but when moving from a vertical to horizontal rack. The lid was resting sideways to top. The amp slipped off a cushion and the lid crashed into one module. When I had all my kit in place and connected I turned the amp on to a 4th of July fireworks in one GaN module, so the EVS 1200 went back in. Occasionally I hear a bit of hardness, that was not present in the Voyager