Class D Integrated Amplifier Recommendations.

Just curious to peoples experiences with current batch of Class D Integrated Amps available today.

I have been unimpressed with the offerings from NAD and find the Technics model's  lack soul. 

Trying to stay under $5,000.00

Thank you for any insight, recommendations. 




i have not personally heard the new technics stuff... i do agree that pretty nad class d is mediocre sonically, easily surpassed by other amps

i would suggest class d mini gan 5 on low end (a lot of amp, very good sound, for the very modest cost)

otherwise, consider devialet or agd on higher end... they are very very good

atmasphere another well reputed new entrant into higher end class d but i have not personally tried

I think the Devialet offerings are a hybrid design with great reviews.  They can be had used for just under your budget.

massive give-away here  <<<<---------------🙄

just remember that bargain shopping can lead to the most expensive purchases of all... 😉🤣

The latest batch doesn't necessarily equate to better, want is D class done correctly.. I have a Jeff Rowland Continuum S2 that I'm parting with that's close to your price range. Fantastic sounding D class, very close the the Aavik U300 it replaced. Read the reviews, there's a lot and they're stellar.