Class D Integrated Amplifier Recommendations.

Just curious to peoples experiences with current batch of Class D Integrated Amps available today.

I have been unimpressed with the offerings from NAD and find the Technics model's  lack soul. 

Trying to stay under $5,000.00

Thank you for any insight, recommendations. 




@antigrunge2  My pleasure to post that video.

@atmasphere has a reputation for listening, sensitivity, and wonderful sounding tube amplifiers. So much solid state is just cranked out into the market without much evidence that they will be musical. The time and investment Ralph is making here is a sign that this is the future and that there is a path forward that will be up to audiophile's tastes and standards.


I know you said Class D, but there are some class AB amps out there in your price range. The Hegel H190 new ($4000) or the H390 used Are both terrific. I currently have the H390 and am very please with it.

All the best.



We have a streaming amplifier. Not quite what you would call "integrated". It is how ever a streamer, DAC, and amplifier all in one box.