Class D Integrated Amplifier Recommendations.

Just curious to peoples experiences with current batch of Class D Integrated Amps available today.

I have been unimpressed with the offerings from NAD and find the Technics model's  lack soul. 

Trying to stay under $5,000.00

Thank you for any insight, recommendations. 




I can only respond to what I know personally. I haven't heard other Class D Integrated Amps, but I own a Rogue Audio Pharaoh II. I've owned the Sphinx V1 and V2 and then moved up to the Cronus Magnum. Two months ago, I traded up to the Pharaoh II and can't say enough how good this amp is. Powerful, quick, completely black background, great soundstage with clean, strong highs, midrange and bass. I cannot be happier with the purchase, and you're well below your dollar threshold. You should at least demo this amp for yourself.

Guys, why is everyone ignoring an obvious star in the line-up PEACHTREE Nova-300 or the new GAN. I have had mine for two year and am still blown away by the performance-to-price ratio and I'm not alone.


M2tech Crosby. Get two and run them bridged as monoblocks, for under $3000 total. 180/180w rated, delivers more. They are explosively-lively but very good at microdynamics and deliver a good measure of tone. -Phil

We recently completed assembly of the new UcD700 kits from Hypex, which include:

Hypex UcD700HG Class D amplifier
HxR voltage regulators
SMPS1200A700 power supply

They work great in our system with Dirac Live and JBL 4349s. We especially enjoy the high power and low noise. Check out some measurements we made on our website here.

Deer Creek Audio is an authorized Hypex dealer.