Class D is just Dandy!

I thought it was time we had a pro- Class D thread. There's plenty of threads about comparisons, or detractors of Class D.

That's fine, you don't have to like Class D amps, and if you don't please go participate on one of those threads.

For those of us who are very happy and excited about having musical, capable amps that we can afford to keep on 24/7 and don't require large spaces to put them in, this thread is for you.

Please share your experiences with class D amps!
Hy Roxy,

I never did. My experience in the pro world was in motion picture auditoriums. At the time my employer bought Hafler amplifier modules, attached their own supplies, and their own surround processing. We probably kept Hafler in business a lot longer than they would have been otherwise. I understand they have come back though.

My day job is esoteric related to IT.

My current set-up uses custom loudspeakers driven by ICEPower 250ASP modules. I did a lot of listening and comparing them to Parasound Halo A23 amplifiers, which while small, are fabulous performers. I rate the two as equivalent in sound quality.


I should say that in the mid-80’s I did get to listen to early Class D amplifier from one of our vendors. It was not then up to snuff, especially not with metal dome compression drivers. :)


  I am on my second amp from the digital amp company.  They don't get much fanfare here on audiogon but the cherry plus amp is awesome.  Very clear and just a tad bit warm and laid back, plus it is very powerful.  Very happy with mine
I'm running one of the original IcePower-based seven channel amps from D-Sonic.  They run two Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus 800s each driven with two 1000ASP modules (biamped) and a pair of Nautilus 803's plus a center.

The amp absolutely dominates the 800s in this configuration and sound better than with any other amplification that I've heard them through.  Of course I've not heard them through $45,000 monos :)



Good to hear. TBH I've only heard B&W speakers with Krell amps, and that combination never made me reach for my wallet.

Interesting you find the ICEPower modules working so well for you. :)